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Is It Good? Justice League of America #3 Review

Last issue of JLA saw the arrival of Kryptonian god Rao and the ramifications for the Justice League and life on Earth itself.

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“Churches of Rao are being built all over the world. A new world religion has appeared seemingly overnight. Sick people are healed. The world suddenly knows peace.” But is all as it seems?

JLA #3: Is it good?

Justice League of America #3 (DC Comics)


JLA #3 opens with Flash and Green Lantern (last seen disappearing into a weird-ass wormhole during the battle with Parasite in issue #1) pitched into the middle of a battle on some desolate-looking terrain with myriad spear and shield wielding Roman legionary looking dudes. After doing a little prying, GL finds out they might be on the planet Krypton. 250,00 years in the past. The hell did that happen?

Beyond finally catching up with Flash and Green Lantern’s whereabouts, the narrative doesn’t advance much in this issue from the last. Wonder Woman is still trapped on a deserted Olympus where an “all-knowing” oraculum answers “Unknown” to a bunch of her questions; Batman lets Superman know he thinks Rao is a shady m----------r and has been scheming ways to stop him; the scientists whose allegiance we’re still kind of unclear about continue to express their bafflement about the temporal energy they’ve been screwing with; Rao does more ostensibly altruistic stuff for the people of Earth that will eventually prove to have some underlying, despotical motive (at least some of the world leaders are finally starting to catch on, while Superman remains like a starstruck Stan); and Aquaman. Well, what about Aquaman, am I right?


Hitch’s art and writing remain solid, with plenty of sexy two page spreads and striking action sequences. The narrative also has an entertaining “Silver Age homage that tackles current global issues” vibe going for it and is leading towards what should be an interesting conclusion — but after another whole issue that basically plays out just like the last with only a few story progression crumbs doled out in stingy fashion — the entire thing is feeling a little padded out. Hopefully next issue infuses the story with some more liveliness.

Is It Good?

Not bad. Strong artwork and an interesting storyline… that’s unfolding at a sluggish pace after this issue. There are plenty of questions raised, which is always good, but we need to start getting more answers.

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