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Lando #5 Review

All good things must come to an end and so too does Lando, the best damn Star Wars comic book I’ve read in ages.

Lando is in way over his head (are Star Wars characters ever not in over their head?) and he’s in the semi-possession of ancient Sith artifacts. As you might guess, that angers certain somebodies.

Lando #5 (Marvel Comics)

Lando stole a ship owned by the Emperor in order to get square with a big time gangster. He and his friend Lobot were doing just fine even after escaping three Star Destroyers but are quickly encountering some weird Sith spirit stuff on the ship. His compatriots are now trying to kill him and one of the greatest bounty hunters in the universe has been hired to kill everyone on the ship or blow it up. I thought Lando had good luck?

Always wheeling and dealing!

Why does this comic book matter?

Save for the fact that this comic has been one of my favorites of the last few months the character development is stellar. Lando is compelling, complex and fun to read. Also who doesn’t like Sith artifacts in their stories?!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is the conclusion so of course you probably should have been reading the previous issues. There’s some interesting storytelling going on here, especially with Lando’s friend Lobot. He’s in a bad place after being pierced with a lightsaber and now he’s fighting for his life. Not because the lightsaber hurt him badly, but because the cybernetics are going to take over his brain. Writer Charles Soule has established these guys as pretty close by now and you feel awful for Lando for getting him into this mess. It’s also fascinating because Lobot, someone who obviously didn’t get tons of screen time in Empire Strikes Back is actually an eloquent person.

This sets the stage for a truly tragic story and it’s fun to see Lando use his charm and wits to get out of it. There’s something infectious about Lando’s always positive demeanor and Soule continues to write him very well.

Alex Maleev continues to do great things on art. The textures he uses inside the ship give it a more homey lived in feel which help make things all the more realistic. There’s some interesting lighting going on with Lando too. There’s a bit of brightness on his face that lightens him and makes him seem a touch more positive which works well.

The design of the bounty hunter’s robot (or is it the Emperor’s?) is quite nice too. It’s soulless and evil looking, but also functional. Maleev is proving he should be doing more work in science fiction that is for sure!

What is a Seeker?

It can’t be perfect can it?

No, unfortunately it isn’t perfect. I’m having trouble with the Sith characters in this. I didn’t care for them to begin with due to lack of characterization, but here I care even less due to their new nature. I’m also confused as to who Chanath really is and it’s odd how his story ends. You’d think after building him up as Soule does he’d play a bigger role in some way.

I’m at a loss for this bounty hunter character too who had plenty of time spent being built up as a super killer only fizzle out as a simple plot progression element. Again, there seems to be more to this character than we see here, but if there’s never another series it feels wasted.

Poor guy?

Is It Good?

Maleev and Soule have woven a together solid story from beginning to end and given new meaning to Lando’s eventual decision to do the right thing in Return of the Jedi.


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