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Panels in Poor Taste: 10/23/15 – Gushing Knees and Fishnet Bras

What If? Infinity: Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Written by Joshua Williamson | Art by Jason Copland

Dog: The All-New, All-Different Iron Man is Brodie from Mallrats?

Dave: Seriously though with her invisibility powers and his elasticity they could hit the exact spot and see everythi…okay sorry I’ll stop.

Patrick H: Weird…I thought when Deadpool spoke in a comic, his word balloons were yellow?

Man vs. Rock: Really misogynistic of Iron Man to assume that women like large penises. They’re going to hear all about this at my next meninist meeting.

Fistful of Blood #1

Written by Kevin Eastman | Art by Simon Bisley and Eastman

Dave: “Ow,” seems like an understatement. Especially with no mouth to say it!

Lisa: Vapor head and esophageal hole are quite the conversationalists.

Patrick H: Is that a fishnet bra? Can someone send me this one to….review?

Dog: The Ventilated Cowboy here reminds me of Seth MacFarlane’s character in A Million Ways to Die in the West. Shoot him again.

Patrick H: So, yeah – about that review copy?

Dave: I already reviewed it Pat!

Man vs. Rock: And that lovable prostitute grew up to be … Charlton Heston.

Shutter #16

Written by Joe Keatinge | Art by Leila Del

Lisa: “Do you want pickles on that?” Never take the office lunch order on an empty stomach.

Dave: The badger robot asks questions second and shunks first.

Dog: Guy’s patella was actually a strawberry Starburst.

Patrick H: The Wolverine reboot looks weird.

Man vs. Rock: King of the jungle my ass …can’t even use an AR-15 properly.

Reyn #9

Written by Kel Symons | Art by Nathan Stockman

Dave: HBO finally made the Ninja Turtles relevant but Michelangelo really needs to chill out and get a slice I think.

Man vs. Rock: The Ninja Turtles were just one big, violent street gang that took jobs away from hard-working American street gangs like the Crips and Latin Kings. When Lincoln Chaffee is President, I hope he builds a wall to keep those damn turtles out.

Dog: Nah, they’re much better fighters after coming back from K’un-Lun.

Patrick H: As a kid, the Luke Skywalker “loses a hand” thing landed pretty heavy on my tiny brain – but jesus, can someone lose a leg occasionally?

Empty Zone #5

Written and art by Jason Shawn Alexander

Dave: I’m starting to think hiring David Lynch to film those abstinence only videos served their purpose.


Dog: Oh God, here comes the Cyclops/Tigra fanfic ….

Patrick H: That’s totally the mutant power I’d end up with. “Prehensile Beard”

Man vs. Rock: He specifically said he didn’t want to f--k you! No means no, even if you’re a giant, mutant bobcat.

Death Head #4

Written by Zack Keller, Nick Keller | Art by Joanna Estep

Dave: Fernando was just lucky he had a bottom jaw to look semi normal after his baptism.

Lisa: Angry Birds’ new level is a bit dark for my taste.

Patrick H: He killed him….WITH MINNNNNND BULLLLETS. *guitar solo*

Dog: “Hi, I’m here for the clandestine Eyes Wide Shut orgy HOLY S--T WHAT THE F--K JUST HAPPENED”

Man vs. Rock: I can think of worse things priests have done to people who came to them in need …

Cognetic #1

Written by James Tynion IV | Art by Eryk Donovan

Dave: The Game of Thrones porno really went all out with the set design.

Lisa: This wasn’t what Sally expected when she showed up for cheerleader tryouts.

Patrick H: Frat parties are NOT the same as when I was in college.

Dog: No, that’s about how I remember it. More chicks here, though.

Patrick H: I count…two…so yeah, that’s pretty close.


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