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Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 Review

“The first question. The question hidden in plain sight. The question that must never be answered…”

The above statement refers to the titular Doctor Who and the question that is his name. With the release of Titan Comics’ new mini-series starring the Eighth Doctor we try to answer the question: Is it good?

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 (Titan Comics)

How is this different from the other Doctor Who comics?

The idea of the Eighth Doctor returning is very exciting for any fans of the show, as he is the only Doctor without his own run on the television series.

“The Paintings of Josephine Day” introduces us to a new companion, Josie Day, who by coincidence has moved into an unoccupied cottage that is owned by none other than the Doctor. They meet when he stops by looking for a lost volume and notices that the otherworldly subjects of Josie’s paintings don’t seem to want to stay in the paintings. Inconvenient. Especially since they seem determined to round up everyone in the village for some unknown reason.

Writer George Mann is a veteran of Doctor Who comics and he knows all the right beats to hit as he unfolds the issue’s plot as well as laying the groundwork for the over-arching mystery that will continue throughout the mini-series. Artist Emma Vieceli captures the look of actor Paul Mcgann, who played the Eighth doctor, perfectly and I liked the design of sidekick Josie; the enemies were rather forgettable though.

Name dropping.

Is it Good?

It moved a little slow and the suspense wasn’t able to build unfortunately—this being number 1 in the series, things are being set up for future storylines so the underlying tension of the larger mystery isn’t really there to push you along yet. It’s a necessary issue for background, but probably not a must-buy on its own.

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