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Drax #1 Review

Pro wrestler turned pro fighter CM Punk may be best known currently for trying to prove he’s the Best in the World in a second combat sport, but he’s also trying his hand in the realm of writing comic books. He wrote a short for this year’s Thor Annual, but now he (along with Cullen Bunn) has his very own ongoing focusing on a character made famous by another pro wrestler, Dave Bautista, Drax. Who says wrestling and comics don’t overlap?! Is it good?

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Drax #1 (Marvel Comics)

The issue opens with a fun team-up featuring Drax, Venom, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, The Thing, and Kitty Pryde. Once that’s over and done with, everyone decides it’s time to hit the ole’ dusty trail and go their separate ways. Drax tries to tag along with basically everybody, but nobody wants to hang out with the big lug. After being left out in the cold, he decides this is as good a time as any to go kill Thanos.

Of course Punk would shoehorn an “it’s clobberin’ time” reference in a Drax comic.

Rocket Raccoon lets Drax use a ship he’s stashed away “for a rainy day”—a run down heap of trash named Space Sucker—to aid him on this mission, and we’re off to the races. Oh, one small little caveat though: he has no idea where Thanos is.

Is It Good?

This was a really fun issue. CM Punk and Cullen Bunn’s writing is kept lighthearted for the most part, which along with the distinctive, cartoony art gives this an old school feel, in a good way. We get right to the point quickly, which is a nice change of pace as a lot of #1s spend most of their time setting things up with little action. There’s basically no exposition to speak of here, and it’s simple enough to where new readers won’t feel lost in the slightest.

I mentioned the cartoony art by Scott Hepburn, which is a feast for the eyes. It’s a nice change of pace that a comic coming out of one of the most popular Marvel movies of the past few years isn’t going for gritty realism, but then again Guardians of the Galaxy was a lighthearted affair for the most part, so the artwork and tone of this book feels right at home. Layouts are interesting, backgrounds and full page splashes are beautiful, and everyone is drawn distinctively. The background shots really take you to the setting, whether Drax is fighting bad guys, on a run-down ship or crash-landed on a desolate planet.

Add in a nice cliffhanger that immediately gives us a sense of direction for the overall arc, and you have a great introductory issue.

So yeah, it’s good. Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and comics, the Marvel Universe or just fun stories in general should pick this up and get on board—we should be in for a solid ride with this new series.

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