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Star Wars #13 Review

The first Star Wars event crossover has reached its third issue as we witness Darth Vader single handedly fighting rebels on their own home base planet. Let’s just say he’s not having much of a problem taking them out. This issue however focuses on Luke. Is it good?

Star Wars #13 (Marvel Comics)

This issue opens with Luke Skywalker recently being knocked out by Aphra and her evil doppelganger robots. (Somehow Triple-Zero was able to spray-paint himself to look just like C-3PO and quickly back again. Get me a can of that spray paint!). The only thing standing in their way of capturing Luke is R2-D2 himself. Uh oh.

Why does this book matter?

So far the premise is very strong with Darth Vader running amok and surviving by killing off the rebel army sent to take him out. Meanwhile Luke is also stranded and must get away from Aphra who’s attempting to lock him down for Vader. It all amounts to some tense action sequences and characters new and old coming to a head.

Oh, that’s good.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The evil robots are the best thing to come out of the Marvel Star Wars comics yet and they get primo time on the page this week. Triple-Zero (the C-3PO look alike) babbles about collecting blood from his enemies while R2-D2 must fight for his life against BT-1. Essentially we get to see some robot vs robot action. If you’re new to the series you might not love these scenes as much as those who’ve followed along since the beginning, but writer Jason Aaron also throws Han and Chewie into the mix too. Essentially there’s a long action sequence that’s a lot of fun.

A lot of fans are going to love or hate two bits with Han Solo. One involves his going head to head to Aphra (essentially Jason Aaron’s female-Han creation) and a reference to a certain shot from his past. Luke also gets a fun bit of dialogue that’ll make classic fans laugh. Regardless of these moments the cliffhanger sets up a truly cool combo and should get fans wanting more.

The art by Mike Deodato is dark, but brightened up a bit since all this action is taking place on a desert planet. His style works very well with the evil robots since they’re cast in a darker tone and Deodato is good at making them all the more sinister looking. His strength in this issue are the layouts that pace and spin around the action incredibly well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s pretty damn close. Now if you’re new to these comics not knowing the backstory of our evil robots will definitely reduce your enjoyment, but even then you should dig the idea of evil R2-D2 and evil C-3PO doing battle with their counterparts and characters we love from the original trilogy.

Robots with attitude.

Is It Good?

Vader Down is back on track due to characters new and old coming to a head and some fantastic art and dialogue to go with it!


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