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World Premiere: Trailer for ‘Steve’ – The Latest Steve Jobs Biopic

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I’m not an Apple fanatic. I never understood the appeal of the iPad or Apple Watch and I couldn’t tell you which version of the iPhone I own. With that said, there’s no denying Steve Jobs’ cultural impact. I’m typing these very words on an iMac!

A few things I am a fan of are Michael Fassbender, Aaron Sorkin’s script for The Social Network and films about supposed geniuses who have trouble playing nice with others. So obviously, I was very excited to see Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs.

While Fassbender’s Jobs looked nothing like the late Apple co-founder, I enjoyed the film. I appear to have been in the minority, as several friends and co-workers I talked to were over the thought of another Steve Jobs biopic so soon after Ashton Kutcher’s underwhelming Jobs (which I watched a week later).

But the wheels started turning in my head. There’s a scene at the end of Boyle’s film where Jobs tells his daughter Lisa he’s going to put 100 songs in her pocket so he doesn’t have to look at her clunky Walkman anymore. Really, Steve, is that how you dreamed up the iPod?

It got me thinking, though – what if Jobs had similar humorous moments of inspiration regarding the inception of the iMac or the iPhone?

And with people so clearly tired of Steve Jobs biopics, what if a filmmaker had the audacity to release ANOTHER Jobs film so soon after the last one?

It was a perfect storm of comedy too tempting to resist.

You’re welcome.

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