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Green Arrow #47 Review

One of the reasons Green Arrow is such a great character is because he has a storied past that’s rather emotional. Most heroes puff out their chest and show they’re nearly invulnerable, but Arrow has faced some seriously messed up stuff. In his latest series he faces an undead Day of the Dead villain with a creepy kid by his side…yikes. Is it good?

Green Arrow #47 (DC Comics)

This issue opens with Green Arrow battered and beaten. His dog George is bleeding too and they’re both prisoners who will most likely be sacrificed very soon. It doesn’t look good folks!

Why does this book matter?

I’d wager Arrow is the most popular superhero TV show there is, plus the character can’t fly or punch his way out of every ordeal. No, because he’s just a normal guy he has to use his wits and get creative when fighting crime which leads to, ultimately, better stories.


Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

If you’re a fan of done in one origin stories you’re in for a treat as writer Benjamin Percy gives us a rather interesting origin here. The villain recounts his rise and it’s compelling, not only because it ties to a godlike power, but also shows a backstory of a man trying to keep his baby alive. You can’t fault him for that! Percy weaves this into Green Arrow’s narrative later on and the sentiment is rather touching.


Percy also lays out a ceremonial scene that should get everyone shivering and uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel cliched or done before either, and the involvement of the creepy child is a nice touch in sending this from eye roll-inducing “how will the hero get out of this one” stuff to “oh damn this is getting weird!”

Artists Fabrizio Fiorentino and Federico Dallocchio do a great job with the ceremony scene and flashbacks. It’s no wonder these scenes are the strongest as the art tells the story in a well paced and understandable way. The Day of the Dead parade panels look fantastic too.

It can’t be perfect can it?

While the artists do well with those scenes they do leave something to be desired with the female heroine who’s rather gratuitously drawn. At one point she’s pulling off a back breaking pose that makes you cringe and in another her nipples are pointing harder than a George Clooney Batman costume contest. The action also gets a little clunky with a weird angle that sticks Green Arrow an inch from a bad guy which would make his bow impossibly inside him.

One might argue the deus ex machina going on to wrap this up is rather abrupt too.

Fun for the whole family!

Is It Good?

A solid villain backstory that ties into Green Arrow’s emotions mixed in with a fun and disturbing ceremonial scene makes this an above average read.


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