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Surviving Megalopolis #3 Review

Things have been heating up in the series as the supervillains are making their presence known, the rescue team has infiltrated the city, and the mystery of what turned the heroes is being investigated. Can Simone continue this momentum? Is it good?

Surviving Megalopolis #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

For the most part, each of the issues thus far have had a similar formula where the plot is moved forward slightly, a supervillain makes a cameo, there are a handful of action panels, a full page illustration or two, and the characters make cliché bad decisions. This issue continues this trend and it appears I have to get on board with the unrealistic character decisions because beside that aspect I’m still enjoying the series. This issue’s bad decision comes in the form of confronting wolves head-on which quickly results in running away. Thankfully, this sequence is tied directly to a character backstory as we get a personal anecdote from Meredith with some potential foreshadowing.

While the main aspect of this issue, with the wolves and Meredith, came off as a little bland to me there are a lot of cool scenes in this issue that capitalize on Calafiore’s artistic ability. We get a shot of Crimson Shadow’s “Batcave”, yet another supervillain encounter, and even more action-filled panels than the previous issues. I think one thing I have yet to acknowledge is the outstanding job colorist Jason Wright does on a consistent basis. In this issue especially, you can really appreciate the contrast between the dimly-lit atmosphere and the bright colors of blood or supervillain costumes. Between both Wright and Calafiore this series is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing comics Dark Horse is putting out.

As for the storyline, Simone has added yet another component to the plot which I’m sure readers will be excited about. The last page of the issue makes for a beautifully illustrated cliffhanger which reveals the future destination for the rescue team and potential hope for the city of Megalopolis. It looks as though this story arc will consist of six issues and with so many different storylines in play, I don’t see how we’ll be getting a complete ending. I’m assuming we’ll get a similar cliffhanger finale as the last novel.

Is It Good?

The series hits a lull in this particular issue, but makes up for it with its incredible art and the final page which sets up the rescue team’s underlying motivations. This volume is appearing to be even more climactic than the first.


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