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Independence Day #1 Review

Before the long-awaited Independence Day movie sequel hits theaters, Titan Comics brings us a prequel comic series to help whet our destructive appetites.

Is it good?

Independence Day #1 (Titan Comics)


The Plot

  • Starting things off with a character bio. Not sure how to feel about this.
  • If an alien ship crashes into the ocean, you pretty much have to go check it out.
  • Probably not a good idea to send the guy with a fear of water on a submarine mission.
  • So this is more of a sequel to ID4 than a prequel to the upcoming film? Interesting…
  • Did people fist bump in the late 90’s?

Is It Good?

I loved the Independence Day movie—and not ironically or with a derisive snort at my youthful perspective. Despite Roland Emmerich’s many crimes against cinema over the years, his 1996 blockbuster film was all types of fun.


This comic, however, wasn’t much fun at all. It’s not bad—just kind of bland. A lack of transitions makes the issue a quick read despite the narrative still somehow managing to feel incredibly slow. The script by Victor Gischler does little to make us feel any attachment to the characters, particularly Joshua Adams. The one intriguing thing we learn about him—his fear of water—doesn’t even play a role in the story. I’m sure it will later, but for now, the dude’s walking around in scuba gear outside a spaceship like he’s strolling through the park.

Artwise, things are pretty static, as well. Steve Scott’s pencils don’t really shine until the last panel, which is by far the best one in the book. His human depictions are all comfortably basic, but his rendering of the alien life form is fantastic. Let’s hope it’s a sign of better things to come in the next issue.


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