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Tomb Raider #2 Review

Damn it, Tomb Raider.

Until the recent reboot of Lara Croft, I was not a Tomb Raider fan. Part of that was the lack of a PS1 in my household (N64 FOR LIFE), but when I had a PS2, it just wasn’t a game that called to me. That reboot though? Fantastic game, amazing sequel, totally reinvented the character for me, and made me very interested in just who Lara is and her raiding hijinx.

Tomb Raider #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

This book is a huge step sideways.

Game? Brilliant. Comic? OH COME ON.

Now, I thought issue #1 was solid. A little odd with some close ups of Lara getting dressed, and a seemingly weird focus on her feet (hey, whatever cranks your wheel), but overall good pacing, art, etc.

Last issue she was learning judo, this issue she knows how many seconds it takes to get to an exit?

This issue? All of that disappears like Gamergate supporters at a Lilith Fair show. I’m hoping the target audience of this blog is old enough to remember Lilith Fair, but let’s move on.

Is It Good?

No. It’s not. All the work that Square Enix did in making Lara a competent badass who was also human seems to be thrown out the window here. Instead of being a woman who survived a pretty harrowing island experience, she’s a judo learning, motorcycle driving, macgyver creating, ninja – who takes down stone-skin creatures with barely a blink.

>This is what they came up with for the name of the Mall?
This is what they came up with for the name of the mall?

Granted her amazing gymnastics are still here – but she’s completely unruffled by the thought of people, CREATURES, chasing her.

I will say the item I found fun was her MacGyver power of looking at a scene and finding out how to kill someone. That is something I can live with in this medium, because it’s done very smart.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.47.41 AM
This is either a way to defend herself, or a really weird Friday night date.

Skip this. I’ll give it a 6, because I hope that the next issue brings the series back to spelunking and awesome, but this issue was just flat.


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