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Sherlock: A Study In Pink #1 Review

Are you a Sherlock fan stuck desperately waiting for season 4? Titan Comics is filling the void with a manga adaptation of your favorite detective, but is it good?

Sherlock: A Study in Pink #1 (Titan Comics)

It’s hard not to be curious about the nature of the comic. Considering this is a manga adaptation of the show which is an adaptation of the books, this medium appeals to comic, television, and literature fans alike. With the script credited to Steven Moffat himself and the adaptation taken on by Jay, this first issue of six documents our very first episode and case, “A Study in Pink.” Not only is this a fun way to relive the introduction between Holmes and Watson, but the manga aspect better captures the energy of the story than a traditional comic would.

The issue is about 40 pages and when it says adaptation it means a direct translation from screen to comic pages. This issue is the first 18 minutes of the episode with almost shot-for-shot accuracy. The script is identical to the show and while initially I was disappointed by the lack of originality, further into the issue I realized it would have been criminal to attempt to stray from such caliber of writing. I love Sherlock and even having watched the episodes multiple times I still found this manga adaptation fresh and exciting.

The drama and hyperbolic emotion that manga incorporates within the panels and character expressions is a perfect fit for this story. Watson’s curmudgeonly nature and Holmes’ snarky, elitist attitude are visually apparent through the fantastically accurate art. The characters’ comic portrayals are easily identifiable and the structure of the comic is easy to follow, even for those not familiar with manga. While the illustrations sometimes depict the very perspective as seen in the show, there are some variations which better suit the comic medium. For example, as Sherlock whittles away at Watson’s background, the soon-to-be partner stands there dumbfounded as the speech bubbles overwhelm the perimeter of the panel.


This is a must have for fans of Sherlock, manga, and especially for those who enjoy both. With good art and incredible accuracy in recreating the rush of the show, Sherlock: A Study In Pink is the perfect way to relive the series through an alternate medium.


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