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The Adventures of Supergirl #3 Review

A prison of supervillains fell to Earth and it’s up to Supergirl to take each of them out. Meanwhile she’s having sister issues. Issue #3 is here this week, but is it good?

Adventures of Supergirl #3 (DC Comics)

Originally published digitally, this is the third issue that collects two digital issues. The official DC summary reads:

Based on the new hit TV series! After seeing Vril Dox locked up for his crimes against Winn, Kara thinks life in the D.E.O. will get back to normal. Until the zombies attack. Now Supergirl must fight her way across universes and lifetimes to find the mastermind behind her current troubles.

Why does this book matter?

Sterling Gates has made one exciting comic out of a show I have not watched a single time. Sure, I’m probably not the target demographic, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this story. Gates has made Supergirl accessible, complex, and quite busy with one villain after another. Sounds like a comic worth reading, right?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Part of this is basically a follow up to the last issue, because Supergirl speaks briefly with the previous villain. and then an all out battle in the dreamworld for the rest. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling things, but Gates brings in another villain and it’s quite fun. Basically this series is a villain of the month type of read, which makes for fun reading for those interested in characters. Don’t worry though, Supergirl gets her time to shine too. Using dreams Gates gets inside Supergirl’s head and there are a few surprises for readers (like an insanely revealing costume!).

Oh yeah, this happens!

Sure, “it was all a dream” stories can be annoying, but I think Gates manages to infuse it with enough emotional torment for it to feel like things mattered by the end. In some ways this issue serves as a reminder to Supergirl that she needs to work things out with her sister (here’s to hoping there’s more of that soon), but it also allows us to see some impossible things too. Take for instance a scene where Supergirl fights a wolf alien race using swords and riding a giant cat. I kid you not, that happens! It’s fun and surprising and makes for page turning reading.

The art by Emanuela Lupacchino is detailed with a nice thick cel-shaded line from inker Ray McCarthy. The colors pop in superhero fashion from Hi-Fi too. Let’s face it, if you can pull off a humanoid wolf-alien wielding swords you’re doing your job right.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Since Supergirl is mostly in distress for the whole issue, not knowing if anything is real, it doesn’t delve too deeply into her thought processes besides fear. It also doesn’t allow her to be the chipper, wise-cracking hero too much either, which I missed. The sister also doesn’t appear so that story is on hold. The villain is introduced well, but outside of that things don’t progress much.

Tell me Mr. Lector…

Is It Good?

A good superhero comic that’s got some surprises in store for you. It may not progress the character or subplots, but it’s a good time!


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