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Panels in Poor Taste: 06/17/2016 – Pimp Hand Strong

Week sixteen for PiPT in 2016 brings the creepy, the bloody and the…toilets?

༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ What the F am I looking at? The best WTF of the week 😱

Swamp Thing #6

Written by Len Wein | Art by Kelley Jones
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: This is nightmare fuel that I want in the form of a mask for next Halloween!

Dog: Art for that Madballs comic is better than I expected.

Nick: Seriously? His eye is gone and we don’t even get to see how it happened? This is not the level of dedication I expect from a Panel in Poor Taste.

Man vs. Rock: It’s like they took a picture of the best looking PiPT reader and posted it for the world to see …

Weird Detective #1

Written by Fred Van Lente | Art by Guiu Vilanova
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Lisa: Wow! That’s one deep cleaning bidet.

Dave: “In Soviet Russia, toilet eat you,” said the Russian toilet eating expert.

Dog: “Hey, get out of the men’s room, weirdo!”

Nick: The McRib is back!

Man vs. Rock: In 1980, there was Maus; In 1986, there was Watchmen; In 2016, there’s Homeless Man Stuck in Woman’s Toilet. #progress

👙Let’s talk about sex…baby? Best sexytime of the week 🏩

Dark Horse Presents #23

Written and Art by Michael T. Gilbert
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dave: Manburgers, now with extra man-pubes!

Lisa: They are eye-popping good!

Nick: There we go! The eye gore is back, baby!

Dog The straw hat is the scariest part. It’s bad enough being mutilated by an obese, Satanic pig-man, but why’s he gotta be a hipster, too?

Man vs. Rock: These are the stories PETA doesn’t want you to hear!

💉 Is that blood? The best gore of the week 💀

Manifest Destiny #20

Written by Chris Dingess | Art by Matthew Roberts
Publisher: Image Comics

Lisa: That’s what you get for getting handsy with a cyclops.

Dave: There’s b---h slapping and then there’s Big-Foot-Cyclops b---h slaps.

Dog: Monocular Sasquatch keeping his pimp hand STRONG.

Nick: You gotta respect a slap sound effect so brutal that it doesn’t have time for vowels.

Man vs. Rock: Little known fact: the Founding Fathers were going to make the Big Foot Cyclops the national symbol of America, but then he had to get all touchy-feely with Ben Franklin there …

Invincible 129

Written by Robert Kirkman | Art by Cory Walker
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Real men don’t use wishbones, they use wish alien torsos!

Dog: I don’t know; something about this guy screams “male cheerleader” to me. Maybe it’s because the first panel looks like he’s holding pom poms dipped in strawberry sauce.

Man vs. Rock: No alien will ever spoil the ending of Game of Thrones to Purple Timmy ever again! … (Hodor dies btw)


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