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The Flash #1 Review

DC’s Rebirth venture is really taking off. The work being put in to bring all these characters back is amazing. Joshua Williamson–of Nailbiter fame (love it!)–has taken the helm for The Flash series along with Carmine Di Giandomencio who is handling the visual aspect of things.

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Is it good?

The Flash (2016-) #1 (DC Comics)

After getting to see the first issue last week I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next part of the story. ‘Lightning Strikes Twice: Deus Ex Machina’ is a two part issue following Barry as he picks up the pieces from a bit of lost time. The internal stuggle of being a bit scatter brained and the fastest man alive–for now–is becoming a big issue for our speedster.

It’s always a plus to have a good back story. There’s a great little review of how and why Barry is what he is and a bit of an explanation as to why the world is a bit off. Joshua Williams’ writing works so well with the characters and you can really see the dilemma Barry is having trying to balance his life and taking care of central city–even at times pointing out that our hero is sometimes in his own world when he’s internalizing his situation. The text placement in a few panels shows you exactly what it must be like to have so much going on in your brain. There’s a big introduction into the idea that Barry really wants to do everything for everyone and he’s trying to actually be in two places at once. There’s a great visual description of the inability to be everywhere there’s a problem–unfortunately, sometimes not being there can have its consequences.

Is It Good?

The ending’s cliffhanger is mega intense and I for one am really excited to see what happens next; they’ve definitely got me hooked. There’s not much wrong here–if anything, there are a few pages that get covered by text so be ready for an intense read. I also noticed that Iris has a pretty masculine face–I pictured her much more feminine-and she could definitely beat me in a fight.

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