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The Flash #2 Review

DC keeps their streak going with the Rebirth series. “Thunderstruck!”, the second installment of The Flash: Rebirth, “Lightning Strikes Twice,” showcases the amazing abilities of Williamson and Di Giandomenico with another exciting day in the life of The Flash. I am loving all the DC Rebirth work right now so getting to read this issue is definitely a bonus! The Flash #2 begins with August recovering from his electric encounter and Iris getting herself into more trouble; Barry really has his hands full. With tons of action and side stories, this issue promises to keep your attention with every turn of the page. But is it good?

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The Flash #2 (DC Comics)


First off, that cover art is FANTASTIC! I literally looked at it and said “Wow!” but I’ll come back to the art shortly. The story picks back up and there’s a new speedster in town. Barry is mentoring August with his new found abilities from the lightning strike. The narrative focuses mostly on Barry’s point of view of how and why this happened to his friend and how he plans on helping him contain and control his new powers. You see a lot of insight into how he is as a friend and a colleague. The character building throughout is fantastic; there’s definitely a good amount to read but everything is important. There is really no wasted dialogue, internal or external. The motion art from Di Giandomenico is phenomenal — he captures the effects with precision.

There are a few panels where the dialogue takes over the scene, nothing too terribly distracting but it is a big read. Be prepared to sit for a while when you pick it up. Some of the pages are really cluttered and there are quite a few two page spreads, hopefully the crease doesn’t become too much of a problem.


Is It Good?

The story is adding so many new paths for our hero to take. I’m excited to see what’s coming up next. I think Williamson and Di Giandomenico are a fantastic pair and really have a great thing going. The Flash is quickly becoming one of my favorite heroes!

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