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Divinity II #4 Review

Following last month’s knock-your-socks-off penultimate issue, Divinity II returns for its grand finale.

Is it good?

Divinity II #4 (Valiant Comics)


  • I appreciate Abrams resolve and spirit, but the poor guy still appears to getting his ass handed to him.
  • Myshka: A realist with terrifying cosmic level powers.

  • Her skin is looking a lot better than Abrams at this point, too.

  • Gotta love a fist fight where the opponents also debate the narrative themes of Dostoyevsky.
  • HA! A ‘prison’ for Divinity. Right.
  • I bet Myshka would make one heck of a gardener…
  • ..and I bet Abram is a bit craftier than any of us realized.

Is It Good?

That depends.

On one level, any time you get Trevor Hairsine drawing a big epic fight scene, it’s going to be a real treat. This issue was no exception.

Although this issue didn’t have the same visceral impact and inventive paneling as the last one, we still get a lot of gorgeous fisticuffs to behold. There’s also one incredibly cool splash page that perfectly (and beautifully) demonstrates the time ripping effect the battle between these two titans is causing.

And just like every other issue of the series, Hairsine’s work is made even better by Ryan Winn’s excellent inks and David Baron’s lush, beautiful colors.

The story, on the other hand, fell a little flat. Don’t get me wrong–Matt Kindt still does a great job making Abram and Myshka feel like real and distinct characters. Their dialogue and severely different demeanors turn what could have been two cosmic boxers slugging it out into an emotionally charged confrontation. Things get a little dense near the end (See: The Dostoyevsky Debate), but otherwise, their verbal and physical sparring crackles with passion and power.

Unfortunately, the end of the story feels a little too easy. While I liked the misdirect Kindt used to get us there, the moment that changes the fight has a much bigger affect on everything than I thought it should. I obviously can’t say what that is without spoiling the story, but it just might be my personal taste. Feel free to scream at me in the comments section if I’m wrong.

On the positive side of things, the story’s coda was incredibly chilling. It made me want to get Divinity III in my hands immediately. Combine that with Hairsine’s wonderful art, and you’ve still got a pretty good finale. It might not have been as brilliant as the penultimate chapter, but the series has a whole has proven that the Divinity series–and this creative team–can be counted on for thrilling and intelligent science fiction storytelling.


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