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The Flash #3 Review

Ever get curious what it would be like if your town was overrun by people with super speed? It doesn’t seem to be something most people concern themselves with on a day to day basis. Unfortunately for The Flash in Speed City, that’s exactly what he’s seeing.

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Armed with a new partner, Barry is started to locate and teach his new speedsters the ropes. DC and Williamson bring another high energy chapter to The Flash: Rebirth. I mean what else can this hero deal with right now — another villain perhaps? It looks like things might be taking a turn for the worst in The Flash #3; but is it good?

The Flash #3 (DC Comics)


Joshua Williamson’s writing is extravagant, as always — in a good way too; his work in The Flash #3 really sucks you into the story. Most of the background information you need is given by Barry’s internal monologue and is concise but informative enough to catch you up on the story. There are some great, humorously awkward moments between Barry and, well everyone else. The complete lack of understanding of the situation at hand is showcased in most of Barry’s thoughts and makes for a tense realization that no one has a grip on what is to come.

Some of the new characters showing up seem interesting and I’m excited to see where they go from here; they’re mostly new speedsters and are finding their places-either good or bad. I’m keeping my eyes on Dr. Dhawan and Avery. I always like a good female personality added into the foreground. The fact that a new antagonist is being introduced means The Flash will probably need all the help he can get.


This may come as a “big surprise”, but The Flash #3 is full of lightning. Every page seems to have a glimpse of someone’s new speed force. Di Giandomenico is taking the story and running (ha). I’m loving the vibrant colors and the intense contrast from character designs to backgrounds. The backgrounds are done well but never overshadow the work going on with each person. Kid Flash is one of my new favorite character additions and the portrayal of him is spot on. If I had to choose a favorite page it would be the last, no contest. It’s worth the read just to see it.

There’s a lot of text, it’s a long read and at times it can get overwhelming. There’s a text expression being used for whispering/talking softly to one another even that confused me a bit at the beginning. I wasn’t sure if they were giving a character their own font style. I started reading the text as that certain character and had to go back to re-read a few times. There are quite a few panels when the text almost overwhelms the art, the dialogue is important but extensive.

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