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Snotgirl #2 Review

If you’re reading this review, it’s likely you either loved Snotgirl #1 or you were intrigued (that’s me!) with where writer Bryan Lee O’Malley and artist Leslie Hung were going with their story. That story, of course, is about a self-obsessed fashion blogger with bad allergies.

Or so it seems. Before I launch into this review, just a warning, I need to spoil the end of Snotgirl #1. Yes, she’s a member of Hydra. I mean, SPOILERS!

Snotgirl #2 (Image Comics)

Snotgirl’s first outing was a lot to take, due to lead character Lottie Person’s shallow lifestyle and youth speak. But things took a surprising turn after her new friend, who she dubbed Coolgirl, slipped on Lottie’s allergy pills and cracked her head open. Comic book twists are spoiled so often these days it was nice to be genuinely shocked by a final page.

Issue 2 picks up where we left off and Lottie’s a mess – the type of mess she works so hard to hide from the world. The fashion blogger who loves attention is suddenly left wondering when the police will take notice of her and bust her for murdering Coolgirl.

But as the story unfolds, not much happens on this front. Did Lottie really kill her new friend? Is Snotgirl crazy? I mean, anyone who invests too much thought in social media has clearly lost their mind, but you get what I’m saying.

With no police on her tail, Lottie can get back to what’s really important in life, obsessing over her ex-boyfriend and current stalker, who her ex-boyfriend appears to be romancing. UGH! SMH.

Unfortunately, spending time with Lottie and her “friends” Normgirl and Cutegirl brought back the same feelings I experienced reading the series’ debut issue. If you can’t stand vapid people and groan at the sight of social media lingo, Lottie’s adventures are difficult to get through.

I will say things do turn around when we meet Detective John Cho of the LAPD. At last, a normal human being! It’s Cho’s appearance that gives me hope for this series as O’Malley begins to build the Snotgirl world. My fingers are crossed for Lottie to grow, and for the woman we see in the final issue of Snotgirl to not be who we met in #1.

Despite my tendency to wince every time we get a peek at Lottie’s thoughts, this comic did have some genuinely funny moments. Even the issue’s recap page is clever and contains just enough information for the Snapchat generation to get what’s going on. And Hung’s smooth pencils continue to make the entire reading experience all the more bearable.

At this point, I’m definitely going to see Snotgirl’s first arc through to its conclusion, based on the fact that O’Malley and Hung are gifted storytellers and I have faith in where they’re going. That doesn’t mean Lottie won’t continue to make me want roll my eyes.

For me, Snotgirl is just like that annoying Facebook friend who you find yourself complaining about but just can’t bring yourself to unfriend. FML.


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