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Detective Comics #939 Review

We are close to reaching the finale of the first arc of Tynion’s Detective Comics run. Let’s see where the new installment takes us today. Is it good?

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Detective Comics #939 (DC Comics)


Batman, Batwoman, and the gang have retaken control of Bat Tower, aka Belfrey, and are working to get things under control once more. While Tim reveals the plans for his future to Stephanie, everyone gets word of a huge problem. Colonel Kane and his Bat Poser Army have arrived in Gotham with their special drones, determined to wipe out the mythical League of Shadows and hundreds of innocent civilians.

Spoiler Corner

With no time to lose, everyone spreads out and goes to the target locations. Everyone manages to clear the citizens out easily before any of the drones arrive. However, one of the many people fleeing from danger seems to have these dead, black, sinister looking eyes to them.

After a while, it seems like there are too many locations and targets for where the drones can strike. Spoiler thinks that they may not be able to save everyone, but that’s when Tim Drake reveals something over the Bat-com. He has hacked into the drone system remotely and reprogrammed them. He can’t send them away until they fulfill their mission, so he is sending them all after a new target: Him. The issue ends as Batman charges to his location to save him while Batwoman goes to confront her father.


This is another strong issue on a character level, but weak on a plot level. We get some minor developments in the story, but it feels really spread out now that we are six and still not done. While the ride has been enjoyable in its action and really good characterization, like the opening with the Wayne’s funeral and seeing it from the Kane family point of view, it’s just so tiring at this point when you really want it to just wrap up. There’s one really interesting thing at the end to hold your interest, especially with the rumors flying around regarding a certain character, but that’s really it with the writing and story. Great characters, but a slow as molasses plot.

This issue sees the return of Eddy Barrows and it’s wonderful to see his artwork again. The man does a fantastic job drawing the characters (though he seems to struggle with drawing Tim at the right age), constructing the layouts, having such a great level of detail in the scenery and action, and so much more. There are a lot of beautiful looking pages and scenes in this comic and it’s all backed up by Adriano Lucas’ coloring once more. It’s a book that really is bolstered by some terrific artwork. The only part that really didn’t look so good was the final page due to how kind of silly it comes across with the pose and shiny quality of the colors (Disco fighting away!).

Most Memorable Moment

Speaking of distracting, damn those eyes! They stare straight through me!

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