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The Flash #5 Review

So, I totally missed my DC fix last week and am so excited to pick back up again with The Flash ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ part 5! Simply titled ‘Barry’s Day Off,’ we are now on a new path with dozens of new speedsters ready to help protect Central City. Barry Allen finally takes some time to himself and works on starting a new relationship. During his vacation a new serial killer begins hunting the newly made Flashes and Wally West is beginning to see his potential. With all the new happenings in the city, what will Barry need to do to keep his friends and new partners safe? It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Ready to ride? Is it good?

The Flash #5 (DC Comics)

The opening in this issue is empowering. We get to see Dr. Meena Dhawan in the lead role as speedster-in-charge. She’s still training the speedsters-to-be but we get to see her in another role: object of affection. I’m loving the relationship that’s unfolding between Meena and Barry. It’s not feeling forced and the writing makes is seem very genuine. It works without making it seem like a sappy love story.

Barry’s face time is actually pretty sparse in the issue. His appearances are short but necessary; there’s a great scene with Iris and some Central City PD talk with August–Flash’s partner. The part to get excited about though is the beginning stages of Wally West. He’s written so well, not too sure of himself but ready to learn about what he can accomplish.

Dhawan–who goes by Fast Track–is starting to be a favorite of mine. She’s the help that Wally seems to need to gain his confidence. The imagery is looking great and keeping up the quality we’re used to seeing in this series. The new costumes are very individualized and look like they’re trying to fit each new personality. I’m really excited about the character building that’s now available.

There is so much lightning–like, everywhere–it gets a bit busy on some pages and there’s a panel where there is a hint of some coming out of August’s eyes. It’s not really there for a reason, maybe to just exaggerate that he has the speed force but for some reason it really irked me.

Is It Good?

Overall I can say that it’s a great read. It takes me a lot to find anything wrong with the issue, and if you’re a Flash fan you’ll enjoy every second.


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