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The Uncanny Avengers #15 Review

Captain America is not a happy camper and the events prior to this issue were not good for team building. Namely, Rogue and Deadpool are off the Avengers. Gasp! This issue follows their adventures immediately after that fallout, but is it good?

The Uncanny Avengers #15 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Check out our full preview.

Why does this book matter?

Don’t fool yourself by reading the title, this is very much a Deadpool comic and he supplies some of the best jokes, action, and witty banter yet in the series. Need I say more?!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Writer Gerry Duggan hits this one right out of the park if you’re a Deadpool fan. The character just went through a traumatic event – Captain America is his hero after all – and it’s fun to see his reaction in the opening pages. He’s down, dejected, and ruminating on what he should do next. He says exactly what we were all thinking would happen: Fight the heroes, go rogue, etc. etc. It’s nice to see Duggan is well aware of the tropes and cliches of these characters. From there the issue quickly develops into a wildly entertaining fight book.

While Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo and Johnny Storm (to name a few) fight ninjas, Deadpool is throwing out one liners and self reflecting banter at a near constant rate. It’s all very funny and a fine example of playing with character dynamics and Deadpool’s customary fourth wall breaking. One of the best lines comes when Elektra says, “Beware! These are The Hand’s unholy acolytes–no ordinary soldiers,” and Deadpool replies, “Got it! This is a no-respawn boss fight.”

A very rich looking world.

The actual mission they’re on is made more entertaining due to the members of the team being completely unaware of the Avengers disbanding. Captain America is off the team essentially and the characters start to piece things together based on Deadpool yapping or other details that sprout up. The mission itself feels big and important too as it involves a major character being resurrected. Let’s just say Duggan has a few surprises in store for you and the cliffhanger is big in more ways than one.

The art by Pepe Larraz is flat out gorgeous. His inks are thick and dark given the book a darker tone in general, but that works with the setting and stakes at play. Deadpool is appropriately cartoony when he needs to be, or deadly serious too. Just look at the full page spread below for confirmation of how darn dynamic Larraz can make a page and the whole Hand falling from the sky thing isn’t anything bad either! The colors by David Curiel definitely lighten the darker tone when needed too. Doctor Voodoo’s purples look rich, fire is blazing hot, and damn are the streets of Japan gorgeous. Together the art team makes a very complex and rich experience.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Is it a fault that this is basically a Deadpool book with friends? Probably not for most, but I was expecting a bit more from the other characters considering this is a team book. A minor and probably personal quibble if anything.


Is It Good?

Uncanny Avengers is good in so many ways it might make your head spin. Deadpool is hilarious, the action is bombastic, and the story compelling. This is very rich storytelling you shouldn’t miss.


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