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Faith #4 Review

In the conclusion of this Comic Con two parter, Faith has to deal with the ramifications of having a double, and tracking down an army of cosplaying baddies. Is it good?

Faith #4 (Valiant Comics)


Faith and Faith and Archer figure out that this extra Faith isn’t her evil twin thanks to a little help from Star Wars talk, and rush to follow the Murder Mouse onto the con floor. The problem is that the Murder Mouse has also been multiplying and they have to try to find the original and the magical artifact causing the mess in the midst of a con crowd. As they fight their way through, Faith imagines what having a permanent double could be like, both pros and cons. Archer’s first con is definitely an interesting one.

Is It Good?

While the first part of this issue was stronger, this is a satisfying finish to a hilarious and massively entertaining mini-arc. Faith and Faith’s figuring out their situation using Star Wars cracked me up:


And her ruminations over the pros and cons of having an exact double were both touching and funny: “Dating could get weird though.” I love how Houser comes up with different ways to include the fantasy sequences for Sauvage to play with in each issue. They are absolutely a high point in a fantastic arc of art. The boss battle was particularly well-drawn and colored – while the scenes were busy and active, I never lost track of the action or was confused about what was happening.

I wonder if this con will have an effect on Faith and Archer. Throughout the two issues, she was constantly (and literally) pushing him around, either into photo shoots, crumpling up his plan, or pushing him out of the way to be the first through a door. I think it could be an interesting angle to tackle, navigating a new relationship and the issues it raises.

All in all, this was a terrifically entertaining mini-arc and I can’t wait to see what we get next!


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