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Inhumans vs. X-Men #0 Review

The most recent X-event, Death of X, has passed – like, literally, it just ended last week. Now, in the words of Jay Z, it’s on to the next one – Inhumans vs. X-Men. What twists and turns await these two warring races, and how will this story lay the groundwork for Marvel’s RessurXion event?

What’s that? Marvel just released teasers for the two post-IVX X-Men squads? Really…and provided the Blue and Gold series’ mission statements? Hrm. Well, that kind of takes the excitement out of reading Inhumans vs. X-Men, doesn’t it, Marvel?

Sigh. I’ll forget I read the news today and continue on with the review (which contains SPOILERS for Death of X)…

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #0 (Marvel Comics)

If you’re like me, you finished Death of X #4 and thought, “It was Emma all along?!” And then, you calmed down and thought, “and then what happened?”

Inhumans vs. X-Men #0 does an excellent job of revealing more of those missing moments from Marvel’s mysterious eight-month gap. At the same time, writer Charles Soule and artist Kenneth Rocafort are smart to make Beast and Emma Frost the main characters in this prelude issue, as they’re two fan favorites we haven’t seen much of since before Secret Wars.

Fans of furry Hank McCoy (furry, because young Hank also makes an appearance), or just science in general, should enjoy following Beast’s quest to make Earth’s air safe for both mutants and Inhumans. With that said, I find it a bit hard to root for Beast. Like Cyclops and Professor X before him, Hank’s had his character dragged through the mud in recent years. Brian Michael Bendis, especially, led us to believe Beast had done some very reckless things (tampering with the timestream comes to mind). Do we really trust this mad scientist to work with the Inhumans and not screw over mutantkind in the process?

Sorry, but Beast has been perched atop his high horse, judging Cyclops, when he’s set just as terrible an example for mutantkind.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I find myself more sympathetic to Emma, who’s been honing her battle skills and strengthening her alliances in the months since Cyclops’ death. Vengeance-driven and possibly unhinged–this is the most interesting Emma’s been in some time. I never expected her to be the main force behind all-out war between Inhumans and mutants.

Soule sets up some mysteries that’ll ensure you return for the resolutions. I’m especially intrigued as to how Emma has a recording of Scott’s final speech, when he was nothing more than a mental projection. Unless there’s a psychic app out there I’m not aware of.

Ultimately, this comic is a tasty appetizer to the main meal, made all the more delicious thanks to Rocafort’s art. This guy is a star. Is he considered a star yet? He should be! Rocafort–who was last seen regularly on The Ultimates–has one of those styles that’s instantly recognizable. I’d say his pencils are similar to Marc Silvestri’s, but with sharp angles and a shine that’s 100% Rocafort. Marvel would be wise to give this artist more flagship work!

Soule, along with co-writer Jeff Lemire and artist Leinil Yu are talented creators, so I have faith in the quality of IVX beyond #0. But sadly, from a jaded fan perspective, it’s hard to see this series as nothing more than the latest bridge between Marvel relaunches. I understand comics is a business, but it’s not much fun if the people who buy these series–and have been doing so for countless years–have event endings spoiled by Marvel’s marketing team and comic news outlets.

It’s perhaps naive of me, but I like to think a little mystery would help sales. I just hope IVX has plenty of surprises (that stay out of Marvel news blasts) up its sleeve. Hey, Death of X managed to keep me surprised, so I’m going to be optimistic!


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