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Green Lanterns #13 Review

The Phantom Ring has, of course, fallen into the wrong hands and may destroy Earth as we know it! Where is Hal Jordan again? Sheesh.

Still, we have Simon Baz and Jessica Jones protecting us. Are they up to the task? And is it good?

Green Lanterns #13 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

“THE PHANTOM LANTERN” part five! The Phantom Lantern controls all aspects of the emotional spectrum, but can Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz figure out which of those powers can also defeat their new enemy?

Why does this book matter?

Given the Lanterns’ Power Rings tie into emotions it’s fitting writer Sam Humphries has done such a great job with the characters in this series. They now face a new threat that could impact all Lanterns and on top of that he’s revealing new elements in the history of Guardians!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Quintisential bad guy pose!

If you’re interested in the Guardians, or the history of Volthoom, you’ve got to read this. Humphries opens this issue with a flashback to ten billion years ago that helps explain Volthoom’s motivations in this story arc. We also get to witness a key scene in Green Lantern history! These scenes tie well into events later in the issue as Volthoom somewhat reveals his plans. More information in regards to the Phantom Ring and its power source are revealed too which help explain its danger.

The rest of the issue tackles Jessica and Simon’s battle with the Phantom Ring bearer. Ronan Cliquet does an admirable job keeping these scenes interesting as Simon and Jessica attempt to reason with the Phantom Ring madman. The energy looks powerful and wild with Blond’s colors changing and looking quite nice. These scenes continue to harp on Jessica and Simon’s fears as they take on yellow lantern constructs. These scenes do well to show this poor soul is a victim in some sense and there may be a chance to save him yet.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Aside from the interesting Volthoom scenes, the Green Lanterns do a lot of punching and biding their time in their scenes. They once again face their doubts and fears, but given how we’ve seen them face them over and over in this series it’s growing a bit tiresome. Just when we think they’re growing and getting over their issues it appears Humphries may just throw them into turmoil over them once again. Ultimately these scenes feel as though they are biding their time until we can get enough information from Volthoom and the Guardian and their story can meld with the Green Lanterns.


Is It Good?

Green Lantern fans need to read this as major revelations are revealed in regards to the Guardians and the rings they created.


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