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Batman Beyond #4 Review

Dan Jurgens continues the Batman Beyond Rebirth we all want to see succeed as this issue brings a newly risen Joker vs. Terry McGinnis storyline to the table.

With new artist Pete Woods, can he make last issue’s cliffhanger pay off? Is it good?

Batman Beyond #4 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

The deadly secret behind the newly risen Joker is revealed, and it’s about to shake up Terry McGinnis’ world! Terminal has been using the existence of the Clown Prince of Crime to set himself up as the leader of the anarchic gang of Jokerz, but this new revelation may even put his own criminal empire in jeopardy. This is a turning-point chapter in the life of the Batman of the future.

Why does this book matter?

What a doozy of a cliffhanger the last issue revealed. WIth the legacy of Batman literally being brought back to life how can you not want to see what Terminal does to it?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Not looking good Terry.

This issue allows Terry to save face and show the reader he can knock off the rust and be a great Batman once again. That comes complete with a new Bat-Suit that Woods draws incredibly well. If you delighted in the Batman Beyond TV show you should have no trouble digging this issue as the action (once it starts anyway) is out of this world good. Batman must take on the Jokerz gang, a fight which allows him to use new gizmos; Terry himself is surprised by these new doohickeys but he still manages to look good while kicking major butt. Woods outdoes himself and given this is his first issue that’s a big deal.

The supporting characters get some key scenes in this issue, which helps establish their purpose. Terry may not like putting his friends in danger, but Jurgens is showing us maybe he needs them more than he thinks.

Outside of this, Jurgens progresses the big cliffhanger reveal further this issue well enough. It’s still moving slowly in the grand scheme of things, but major characters learn the truth and Terminal appears to be enacting a plan. Batman is right on his heels which should make for an entertaining chase towards whatever his big plan is attempting to accomplish.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The first half of the issue drags a bit in part because Terry just dangles around for 5 pages trying to think up a way out of his predicament. Jurgens uses these pages to build up the stakes and get Terry’s friends in the right places, but I found myself wanting to flip ahead and get on with it. The second half makes up for the slower start though and should have Batman Beyond fans excited for what is to come.

That suit is boss.

Is It Good?

Batman Beyond #4 brings a new look that’s hard to not love. DC Comics has a magic bullet on their hands and it’s black, red, and beyond great.


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