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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose–January 2017

Panels in Poor Taste is reborn as Monthly POP, highlighting the best, weirdest and most striking panels from the month’s comic books. No publisher or panel is off limits, and with it comes our commentary. Scroll through to read our comments as we joke, praise and generally toast the best of the best. If you like what you see, or disagree, comment and let us know so the next month’s selection can be even better!

Green Lanterns #15

Written by Sam Humphries | Thumbnails by Tom Derenick and Pencils by Miguel Mendonca
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Possibly the prettiest full page of the month. Not only does the swirl draw you in, but it conveys the intense anxiety as it takes over Jessica Cruz’s head.

Dog: And the healing vapor action cleared my chest congestion.

Lisa: Striking artwork! Nice play of cool colors with a highlight of the warm yellow. The close up of the hand gripping the sheets, her eye and face portray her anguish.

Chris: Inside the mind of Donald Trump.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #4

Written by Jon Rivera and Gerard Way | Art by Michael Avon Oeming
Publisher: DC Young Animal

Dave: A fantastic anti-mushroom campaign ad if I ever saw one.

Lisa: Groot’s cousin “I am Fungi” really had a rough childhood.

Dog: Creepily awesome. Guy’s so scared, he spored himself.

Jason: And that, children, is what happens when you don’t eat all of your vegetables.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #12

Written by Paul Scheer | Art by Todd Nauck
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Chris: Marvel, already realizing what a joke Civil War II was.

Dave: If only they all had the self-awareness and fourth wall breaking ability of Deadpool, they’d know death ain’t no thang.

Dog: I’ll wager Clint got more than a T-shirt. When an Avenger gets arrested, I doubt his cellmates are very “hands off.”

Harley Quinn #12

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner | Art by John Timms
Publisher: DC Comics

Chris: Needs more tacky tattoos.

Dave: If this is a dream marriage, I’ll take the last three panels with a Hawaiian pizza.

Dog: Huh. So “getting a churro from the Joker” is not a sex act euphemism?

Patrick: Joker must have a good job. Pool, all the cash it takes to keep Harley’s hair game that dyed, and triple strollers are ‘spensivo.

Lisa: Every middle American family needs a cigar smoking bulldog.

Jason: Is their mailman Axe Cop?

Future Quest #8

Written by Jeff Parker | Art by Ariel Olivetti
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The Herculoids are great and all, but if Birdman isn’t practicing law, what’s the point?

Patrick: If you’ve ever seen this show, the only thing I can say is “BLURBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBR” You get me fam?

Dog: The colors and attention to detail here are really astounding. Plus, it makes me want to play Bubble Bobble.

Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Written by Tom Taylor | Art by Stephen Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics and BOOM! Studios

Chris: Let’s just pray it’s not Zack Snyder’s Batman…

Dave: I’d watch a 2 hour and 50 minute Zack Snyder-directed Power Rangers, but only because I want to see each Ranger scream into the camera while falling to their knees. After the fourth time, it’s gonna get good.

Dog: Again with the euphemisms. I’ll bet this isn’t the first time Batman’s been taken by a pink dinosaur.

Patrick: Guys. This is Batman. He installed the Pink Dinosaur Robot countermeasures decades ago, after the showdown at Dinosaur Island. 1/10, literally unreadable.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #17

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Paul Renaud
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Chris: Ugh, someone call Hawkeye already…

Dave: The funny thing is this scene goes on longer with plenty more lingo-dropping goodness. Probably the funniest thing I read all month.

Dog: No two snowflakes KILL alike.

Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth #1

Written by Jody Houser and Steve Orlando | Art by Jamal Campbell
Publisher: DC Comics

Chris: Friend Request Denied.

Dave: Play this song while viewing this very beautiful page:

Dog: It’s gorgeous, but it makes me wonder why Skynet bothered with the liquid metal menagerie.

Jason: If this isn’t Jamal Campbell’s LinkedIn image, he’s doing it wrong.

Suicide Squad vs. Justice League #5

Written by Rob Williams | Art by Robson Rocha
Publisher: DC Comics

Dog: That’s how my head feels during allergy season.

Chris: He just saw an early cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Dave: Now I need to see Batman do this to Wolverine and a collective fan orgasm would take place.

Jason: This is as close as I’ll ever get to seeing my fantasy of Gene Simmons’ head exploding come true.

Conan the Slayer #6

Written by Cullen Bunn | Art by Sergio Davila
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


Dave: Fun fact: Conan loves playing with his food. Also, he’s a cannibal.

Dog: And the refs STILL don’t call unnecessary roughness!

Patrick: Conan: “Get up and fight!” (Conan’s not too bright folks.)

Aquaman #15

Written by Dan Abnett | Art by Philippe Briones
Publisher: DC Comics

Chris: Aquaman totally voted for Trump.

Dave: Aquaman sucks at first impressions.

Dog: Guy just needs an ambassador. DIY doesn’t cut it for megalomaniacal fish people.

Lisa: How did Aquaman get through security with that Trident?

Batman #15

Written by Tom King | Art by Mitch Gerads
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: With a smug face like that, why does he even need a mask?

Patrick: He loves her NOW, but in a few months he’s going to get caught with the nanny, and then there’s going to be a Sad Bruce Wayne meme in all the Gotham papers.

Lisa: Is it love or indigestion? The Bat needs to work on his expression.

Jason: Well, now I have to hastily rewrite my children’s book “Bat Loves Cat”.

All Star Batman #5

Written by Scott Snyder | Art by John Romita Jr.
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: This was a compelling idea that certainly made me think about society as a whole and our lack of empathy.

Dog: I didn’t realize the other half of Harvey Dent was Deepak Chopra.

Star-Lord #2

Written by Chip Zdarsky | Art by
Kris Anka and colors by Matt Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Alyssa: How awesome is Kris Anka’s fluidity and skill with drawing fight scenes? I love that he even bends Quill’s eyebeams. Also, shoutout to Matt Wilson’s sick color palette.

Dog: So glad he’s doing interiors now.

Dave: Kinetic explosion!


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