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Deadpool #26 Review

The premise behind this issue is divine. Deadpool + Valentine’s Day = comic hilarity. Or at least, writer Gerry Duggan has the ability to do something a little bit different! We explore, review, and attempt to understand the insanity of Deadpool and romance, but is it good?

Deadpool #26 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Our preview is what you seek!

Why does this book matter?

As far as the pantheon of Deadpool writers go, Duggan made our list and he’s got the thumbs up to continue writing him for as long as he likes. Scott Hepburn proved himself cunning on pencils with his work on the Drax miniseries and god dammit love is in the air!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Everyone likes a good surprise…

This issue opens with Deadpool discovering a Valentine’s Day gift he really didn’t deserve; nor did the person the heart belonged to. This strikes up a bit of a mystery which ends up driving Deadpool to kick some gangster heads in later in the issue. Before that though, a Valentine’s dinner for two with his wife Shiklah! The plotting works to keep things moving and thus Deadpool constantly riffing. The bigger picture involves Madcap which may or may not be resolved soon. Either way, it’s nice to see Deadpool doing some detective work rather than going in guns ablazing.

The humor is about what you might expect from a Deadpool comic though I found a few moments to be a refreshing surprise. Bodily function jokes reign supreme at times, though Deadpool’s lack of care for baddies also works to bring a few smirks your way. His relationship with the wife is strange as always (she’s evil and he’s a good guy, or at least trying to be), but it’s played up for laughs here.

The art by Scott Hepburn is detailed with a cool use of speed-line backgrounds to enhance the action. Several panels do well to convey the energy of a moment, like Deadpool kicking a door down and watching it fly across the room. Hepburn is very good at showing motion and nothing ever feels static. Even Deadpool swinging his leg to get on a motorcycle looks mobile. I also dig how he draws the costume as it has more pulling and ruffles than other artists which helps convey the material conforming to his body.

It can’t be perfect can it?

A specific moment in the issue rings a bit false. Deadpool reacts to gore in a surprising way and when you consider how much violence he’s committed and seen it’s hard to believe.

My only other gripe is how little action there is in the first half of the book. Deadpool is either snooping about on his own or attending a date. Not the most exciting of scenes.

…okay maybe not that kind.

Is It Good?

Deadpool #26 captures the romance of blood, guts and vomit well enough for a purchase. The Madcap storyline allows him to do some detective work, there are enough laughs for the price of admission, and he looks extra kinetic doing it.


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