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Hawkeye #3 Review

Armed with a bow and her wits, Kate Bishop must solve a villainous mind control plot whilst keeping her chipper attitude. We take a look at this so far excellent series’ third issue. Is it good?

Hawkeye #3 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read the preview!

Why does this book matter?

Kelly Thompson has been writing a series that’s just great when it comes to Kate’s personality. She’s witty, animated, and willing to be herself in the most inopportune times. Add in Leonardo Romero’s art which has an almost Archie level of simplistic sophistication and that’s a recipe for a quirky book indeed.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Ohhhh, 80’s theme!

This issue does well to allow Kate to regroup after last issue’s cliffhanger, fill in her friends on what is going on, and then progress her detective work further. The number one reason folks will enjoy this though is for her personality, which is infectious and fun. She’s positive always and manages to add a bit of quirk to any scene she’s in. Take for instance a moment where she opens doors attempting to find a hidden passage at a party and surprises a few different types. Her reaction is funny, totally understandable, and yet it doesn’t thwart her search. She’s steadfast and determined in all the best ways and the type of hero you root for all the way through.

Thompson does a great job with captions as well. Kate’s internal monologue is the kind you’d want your own to sound like. She keeps you invested in her mission but it never strays from her personality.

The art by Romero is top notch too. I’m a fan of how he lays out a page, from nine panel pages, to double page layouts that allow you to observe the room as Kate does. The bullseye effect to hone in on something Kate notices are great fun too. There’s plenty of acting going on and the panels help keep you right there with Kate in mind. They also do well to pace the book, speeding up and slowing down as needed to enhance the atmosphere.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The quirky nature of Kate is almost too constant. From her captions to her dialogue, she’s beaming with positivity no matter the situation. While it’s infectious, it renders here a bit unrealistic and hard to believe. The cliffhanger lacks the danger it’s imbuing in part because I know she’ll turn around in the next issue with a smirk and a plan.

Dig the detective work.

Is It Good?

Hawkeye is a special kind of book that feels like a hangout with your best friend. It’s fun, well paced, and good comics. The character might be too chipper, but I’ll take it.


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