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Ninjak #24 Review

Enter “The Seven Blades of the Master Darque” part 2. This story ties much deeper to Ninjak’s past than some might think, which therefore holds deep promise to change the character forever! Is it good?

Ninjak #24 (Valiant Entertainment)

So what’s it about? Read the preview to find out more!

Why does this book matter?

The first issue of this story arc (Ninjak #23) was rather stellar, with a wickedly good setup by Matt Kindt that set up each villain that makes up the “Seven Blades”. This issue spills from the action packed cliffhanger of the last issue and, if it’s anywhere near as clever, should entertain many!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is why ninja stars are illegal.

And dammit if Kindt doesn’t wow again with this issue; Ninjak #24 starts out as you might expect, with Ninjak kicking butt and narrowly staying alive against his most bitter rivals, but then it takes a mystical journey turn that is rife with surprises. By the end of the issue the reader is filled in on the complex past of Ninjak (as well as his unfortunate beginnings) and ends with new promise for the character. Much like Ninjak to start this issue, I was skeptical, but by the end I was truly a believer in the journey ahead.

That’s in part due to a wickedly entertaining flashback sequence told via a cartoony comic strip format. Art duties are shared by Stephen Segovia, Ryan Lee and Ulises Arreola and overall the art blew me away. In the flashback sequence though it’s particularly good because the style shifted from hyper realistic illustrations to a almost Calvin and Hobbes look; it’s a clever choice as it makes Ninjak’s past even more sympathetic, but also a bit funny. Because it’s told in a strip format, Kindt and Segovia can tell the story in more episodic form that makes it efficient. The final few pages have an interesting textured background that helps lift up the mystical magic woman. The opening pages too, look sharp and make the action pop a bit.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The only downside to this issue is how the “Seven Blades” disappear once the flashbacks take place. It makes sense on some level since Ninjak is going on a personal quest, but having them not even check in for a moment makes you wonder where they are and what they’ll be doing next. I guess travel around with Ninjak? We’ll find out next month!

This ends up being a pretty funny moment.

Is It Good?

Do yourself a favor and give the “The Seven Blades of the Master Darque” a try. It’s only two issues, but you’re bound to be all-in with this very cool story. Matt Kindt is putting on a show with clever storytelling ideas you can’t miss!


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