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World of Warcraft: Sindragosa Cosplay by Jessica Nigri

Even if you’re not a fan of World of Warcraft, do yourself a favor and watch the Wrath of the Lich King cinematic trailer; in it, the titular Lich King Arthas, ruler of the undead Scourge army, raises Sindragosa (formerly a mighty blue dragon) from the dead to serve as his personal frostwyrm.

After you’ve gained some appreciation for what Sindragosa looks like in frostwyrm form, take a look at Jessica Nigri’s take on the character in humanoid form, an amazing costume she designed herself:

Photos taken by Fernando Brischetto. Follow on Facebook




Posing with fellow cosplayer PixelPantz in her Ashes of Al’ar costume.
A comparison to her amazing Deathwing costume.
Facebook: Jessica Nigri

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