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Avengers K – Book Four: Secret Invasion Review

Whenever a story is adapted or re-imagined, one of three things happens. One, the new version of whatever is being adapted or re-imagined is so different that it’s practically unrecognizable. Two, a fresh work of art is born out of a good deal of hard work and attention to detail. Three, being similar to the original, but different enough to be separate, the adaptation/re-imagining can stand on its own two feet, but lacks the originality required to be ‘special.’ Avengers K – Book Four: Secret Invasion falls into that third category.

Avengers K Book Four: Secret Invasion (Marvel Comics)


Avengers K – Book Four: Secret Invasion adapts Secret Invasion #1-8, and while it does a decent enough job capturing the gist of what transpired during the Secret Invasion crossover event, it lacks the depth and complexity of the original story, and thus, feels dissatisfying. But then again, shouldn’t this 168-page paperback feel different than the 250+ pages of comics that it re-imagines? After all, the Secret Invasion crossover event was just that—it was an event that not only took several years to set up and finish but one that tied-in nearly one-hundred single issues. Avengers K – Book Four: Secret couldn’t possibly capture the scope of the event in a book that’s less than two hundred pages in length, especially since the source material that it is adapting (Secret Invasion #1-8) doesn’t necessarily capture the event’s scope either.

The writing, at times, was also a bit lackluster, but I feel as though this is the case because the version that I read was obviously translated from the original…and we all know how that sort of thing goes…

Although I prefer traditional, ‘American’ superhero/comic book art, the manga-esque illustrations came as a nice change to what I typically get in the comics that I prefer to read. This style, for me, detracts from the severity of the situations at hand. It lightens the mood a little too much considering we are reading about an epic alien invasion.

Avengers K – Book Four: Secret Invasion is a streamlined, slimmed-down version of the original story that, thanks to some interesting artwork, ends up being a decent read. I especially recommend this adaptation to fans of Manhwa (Korean comics/cartoons), and Marvel fans looking to experience the manhwa style for the first time. This adaptation is also a good read for newer Marvel fans that, up until this point, have heard about the Secret Invasion, but aren’t too familiar with the event.


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