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Faith #9 Review

Faith’s coworkers have more to do than cover celebrity news when their fellow writer is a superhero. Is it good?

Faith #9 (Valiant Entertainment)


Mimi, Paige, and Jay have second jobs at Zipline – helping cover for Faith as she has to go deal with emergencies and save folks in distress in the face of a very suspicious new intern. Each one has their own reasons for helping, but without them, “Summer’s” cover would be blown for sure.

Is It Good?

While Faith seemed to hit a bit of a slump around the election issue (and who didn’t), the past few issues have definitely been on the upswing, and this issue is a delight. The story is perfect for a one-shot and we’re at the right point in the run to get to know these characters more deeply. I like that each of their desires of working with Faith match their personality, and are entertaining as heck to boot.

Houser’s writing is solid, giving each of the characters their own individual internal voice and the story flows nicely between their various perspectives. It’s always risky going away from your star character’s internal monologue, but Houser makes it work beautifully, and makes an issue that’s terrifically fun to read. While the basics of the story were a little predictable, the skill that Houser handled it made it work really well.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.51.40 PM

I’m a huge fan of Kate Niemczyk’s work in this issue. Her art is a fantastic mix of hard outlines with beautifully blended colors and shading. I stopped several times to look more closely at the way she colored the characters’ faces:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.54.22 PM

And as always, Marguerite Sauvage’s fantasy sequences hit it out of the park, especially where she gets to really let loose and have fun. I especially liked Jay’s giant robot suit, though Mimi’s delightfully 80’s Working Girl-esque power outfit made me laugh out loud.

Faith works best when the story has some playfulness and this one worked brilliantly.


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