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Monsters Unleashed #4 Review

It’s the penultimate issue and by now it has become quite clear we’re not seeing a battle take place, but a hero being made. Can Cullen Bunn pull this issue off setting up its climax and is it good?

Monsters Unleashed #4 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read the preview!

Why does this book matter?

When Marvel bills this as the, “Biggest event in Marvel History” I think they mean literal size because this thing is packed with giant sized action as monsters good and bad tower over the heroes. The heroes are outmatched, save for the help of a kid who can teleport and conjure monsters via drawing. Sounds cool–an ability many of us wish we had when we were 10–which makes the story relatable in a sense.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The one on the left is my favorite.

The reason each issue is drawn by a different artist is becoming more clear because this is an artist’s dream come true sort of series. Larroca blew me away with the level of creativity and scale of the monsters in this issue. Two pages into this book there’s a double page spread that shows off heroes dotting the scene (sometimes literally dot sized in comparison to the monsters) and some amazing looking beasts they’re fighting. This book, nay the series, is very interested in labelling the heroes as they enter the scenes, but also the monsters. Larroca does them all justice and I was impressed with what he brought to the table here.

Bunn meanwhile, is doing a good job building up the young artist character Kei Kawade. He’s just a kid sure, but he’s being pushed in this issue in a way that spells herodom for him in the future. Hell, he even gets a cool name via an action sequence, which is cool in my book. Outside of this element, it’s fun to see the heroes attempt to fight the beasts and you can’t deny the stakes are ramping up higher and higher. When Doctor Strange and other magical heroes can’t do anything we’re in big trouble.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Everyone gets a title!

Is it just me or is it weird the villains are banding together to help fight? Seems like an opportunity lost especially since these monsters are going to kill the Earth and all. Not really a gripe with the comic, just an observation.

Aside from Bunn’s character work on our new young hero, much of this book feels as though it’s biding its time so that we may ogle the glorious artistry of giant monsters. A fun Deadpool quip or two, some awesome art, and the development of a new hero are cool, but it makes the reading experience hollow in a sense. I want more from this series and it’s serving action on a platter and not much more. It’s not presuming to be anything but however, so really if you’re reading this far you’re getting what you paid for. I just don’t know if the price is worth it.

Is It Good?

Monsters Unleashed #4 is the unabashed action frenzy your inner 12 year old will love. It’s the kind of comic you buy knowing full well good art and big action is all that matters. You can’t get books like this everyday so I say let your inner 12 year old out!


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