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The first ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ set photos have us officially losing our minds

Earlier today, we got our first look at official set photos for Thor: Ragnarok in Entertainment Weekly. Minutes later, our minds exploded. Not because they’re all that revealing, but because they start to paint a picture of what this film is going for. Let’s delve into each shot while we try to make sense of these tasty images…

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The cover itself seems to suggest this film is going to be a hell of a lot more colorful. Given how colorful Guardians of the Galaxy was, and the Vol. 2‘s poster is, it seems that Marvel is all about making space rife with color. We also get our first look at Cate Blanchett as Hela who is looking pretty evil (the costume is perfect), though she’s not sporting her iconic headgear:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.12.48 AM


This shot intrigues us partly because it shows an alien bar scene, but also because it proves Thor will most likely be interacting with space/cosmic characters. These scenes can be awesome, as they reveal a wide look at the variety of aliens running about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Thor: God of Braveheart badassery! Of course, without the longer hair, he’s less Mel and more cage fighter, but we dig it nonetheless. Also, note the purple on the shield (again, more color in this movie).


This shot shows a bit more clearly that Thor still has a cape, but it’s only over one shoulder. Possibly to dignify himself politically?


Somebody is telling Mark Ruffalo aka Hulk to simmer down!


Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, is looking rather relaxed on this … thing she’s sitting on. Definitely a space vibe from the contraption.


It’s hard to tell, but maybe Valkyrie is playing Thor’s love interest? Gotta dig the sword Thor is holding (again, colorfully blue).


Hangovers are hard for Cate Blanchett, it appears. Or maybe this is Sif


Seeing Loki pop up in these images is great, but what is the deal with the girl on the left? Something tells us costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo will be up for an Oscar next year.


Hey Grandmaster (played by Jeff Goldblum), there’s something on your lip. Digging the texture in that gold coat. It appears they are going with the gold look…

Just imagine these words spoken by Goldblum. Gonna be good.

…but keeping the blue to a minimum.

It’s also worth noting Marvel is clearly tying the Grandmaster and Collector together in some way. Maybe family, or a special rank of alien? Based on how they look so similar it has to be something:


Overall, these first stills tell us a lot about the movie visually with some fun details in regards to costumes. Obviously the inclusion of Ruffalo in the stills is a promise we’ll see the Hulk, but probably the biggest reveal is Thor’s short hair and new choice of weaponry. The pictures did their job as I imagine most people who see these are more pumped for this film when it releases November 3, 2017.

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