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Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf Review

Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf is a classic story, brimming with utterly amazing artwork drawn by none other than the legendary comic book artist, Steve Dillon. Here we have an example of visual storytelling at its best, and thanks to the consistently expressive artwork, readers can peruse the panels of this book without ever having to read a single word, and still know exactly what’s happening. But that’s enough of that for now, you’re reading this article to find out whether or not you should pick up a copy of Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf, right? Keeping reading to find out why the answer to that question is: “Oh Hell Yeah.”

Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf

So what’s it about? The official solicit reads:

“In the full-blooded horror of ‘Cry of the Werewolf,’ Judge Dredd must descend into the Undercity to investigate how a flesh-eating werewolf ended up in Mega-City One and make sure no others make their way to the surface.

Although he is probably best known for his work on Preacher, Steve Dillon illustrated many other comic books, and some of his best work, in my opinion, appears in the British comic book, 2000 AD, where he illustrated classic Judge Dredd stories. One of these classic stories is “Cry of the Werewolf.” In this multi-part arc, werewolves from Undercity invade Mega-City One, and thus Judge Dredd works to save his city and figure out a way to ensure that no others make it to the surface. This story, as a whole, is really intense, and Dillon’s illustrations are what readers have to thank for this level of intensity.

Steve Dillon’s illustrations are some of the most expressive that I’ve ever seen—they’re alive. For example, look at the preview page that I have included under this paragraph. Take a minute and look at the woman’s facial expression as she gazes at her lover being torn apart by a werewolf. I don’t know about you, but I am reminded of the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

In addition to Steve Dillon’s artwork, Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf is worth reading because the story is very entertaining, it’s riddled with intense action scenes, and it concludes with a relatively satisfying ending. Sure, Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf isn’t all that deep—it won’t have you tearing up, or reconsidering your worldview—but it’s a damn good comic, and I recommend reading it.

Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf
Final Thoughts
Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf is a classic story, filled with amazing artwork from legendary comic book artist, Steve Dillon, and it shouldn't be missed.
Amazing, expressive artwork from legendary comic book artist, Steve Dillon
This is a stretch, but this book may be lacking the depth that modern readers look for in a good comic
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