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Ninjak #25 Review

The penultimate issue to the latest story arc is here as Ninjak attempts to navigate amongst a team of villains who all want him dead. Sounds intriguing, but is it good?

Ninjak #25 (Valiant Entertainment)

So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

Once sworn enemies, Ninjak and the Shadow Seven have forged an uneasy alliance to accomplish their singular goal: kill Master Darque! But why can’t Colin King shake the feeling that he’s leading a suicide mission, or that his mysterious benefactor, Sandria Darque, isn’t giving him the whole story? Ninjak’s about to confront a terrifying truth…and the answers just might destroy him!

Why does this book matter?

Matt Kindt has made this latest arc clever and interesting from the very start driving Ninjak to do things for his ex Roku even though she may have ulterior plans. The art by Stephen Segovia has kept up doing well to capture the variable nature of each member of the team.
Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

What is that…

This issue contains a story within the story as Ninjak learns more about the magical woman named Sandria Darque who has tasked Ninjak to kill her brother. Opening in a forest in Arizona, we quickly learn Ninjak and the team, now in Scotland, have a ways to go to enact Sandria’s plan. Kindt never loses sight of showing over telling as we see the force at work. The story then cuts to a well written flashback that helps shed light on what the team faces. Kindt has surprises at every corner it seems as we learn Roku may be involved in a way nobody saw coming. All in all, the issue is interesting and pushes the plot forward nicely.

The coolest aspect of this issue is how it turns everything on its head. Clearly Roku has her own intentions, but so does Ninjak and the crew. They finally enter this quest only for the reader to find out they’re all facing something they probably aren’t prepared for. It’s a good way to set up the climax issue.

The flashback sequence does well to capture the magical abilities of Sandria and her brother; covered in strange tattoos, the two give off otherworldly glows and their pale complexion certainly makes them look alien by contrast. Later, monsters of different sorts sprout up, which make for entertaining bits of battle. The action is fast and exciting with a great crash sequence as well. The costumes look great too as if they’re realistic with texture and depth to them.

Holy s--t!

It can’t be perfect can it?

With the flashback and Roku taking up more of the emotional energy of the issue, Ninjak takes a backseat. It’s not a problem entertainment wise, but for a character to be less a focus in their own book, you sort of wish they were more important!

Is It Good?

Another good issue in a story arc that’s becoming a must read after every chapter. Ninjak‘s “The Seven Blades of Master Darque” infuses magic and great storytelling together in a way that makes it must read material.

Ninjak #25
Is It Good?
A fantastic issue as things ramp up for the climactic end to the story arc.
Interesting flashback and plot reveals
Kindt surprises with a few twists
Art is top notch with good action and a plane crash!
Ninjak is sorta in the background the whole issue
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