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Infamous Iron Man #6 Review

I typically enjoy when a comic book has me unsure of where it is heading next—I don’t mind being ‘confused’ every now and again—but Infamous Ironman is not sitting very well with me because it is not the depth-of-plot that is leaving me scratching my head, it is the overall uncertainty of direction that leaves me asking, “What is this comic trying to do?” But you wouldn’t be reading the review unless you wanted to know whether or not Infamous Iron Man #6 is worth buying, right? Keep reading to find out.

Infamous Iron Man #6 (Marvel Comics)

From the publisher:

Doom comes face-to-face with two of his most mortal enemies. Faces he never thought he would ever see again. This is a big turning point issue for Infamous Iron Man. His reputation is on the line. Can Victor keep on the redemptive path even in the face of total adversity? Will he even want to?”

Infamous Iron Man #6 begins with a flashback scene that provides us with some additional information, which, helps to clear some things up. Well, kind of. Before I go further, you should stop reading now if you haven’t already read Infamous Iron Man #5, because I’m about to spoil the ending for you…

Okay, in Infamous Iron Man #5, it was revealed that none other than Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) was the man urging Cynthia Von Doom to pay her son a visit. Now, she claimed that she had been alive all along, and was just watching from afar, but I find that quite difficult to swallow… especially after we readers become privy to some of the technology that Doom had been previously working on… and that’s all that I will say about that. And why exactly is Reed Richards working with Momma-Von-Doom? What’s his goal here? I don’t know, but I do plan to keep reading.

Infamous Iron Man #6 is relatively exciting, but I am, by no means, unable to put the book down. Yet again, I wasn’t too fond of the dialogue, and while it was somewhat better this time around, Brian Michael Bendis’ writing still feels forced and unnatural. I’m asking questions as I am reading, so the story is there, but from page to page, the writing is just inconsistent.

Artist Alex Maleev’s work throughout the book is solid, but, yet again, when we first see Doom, he is cape-less, and then a few pages later—once he arrives at his destination—his cape is back. What gives?For me, this is a book that is quite difficult to rate. The story is there. The writing is there, sometimes. And the art, despite some inconsistencies, is solid. But still, I am not enjoying this series. Maybe, once some of my questions are answered, I’ll feel differently. Maybe not. Regardless, I say pick this up and give it a go.


Infamous Iron Man #6
Is it Good?
Both the art and the writing has been inconsistent, but I do like the concept of this series, and thus far that has been enough to keep me reading. Pick this one up, it's getting better.
I have questions about the book, and questions are good
The dialogue feels unnatural
Sometimes Doom has a cape...sometimes he doesn't...

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