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Iron Fist #2 Review

The first issue of Iron Fist did well to set up Danny Rand’s latest adventure which has him fighting his way back to full Chi ability! We review issue #2 to answer the question, is it good?

Iron Fist #2 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read the preview to find out more.

Why does this book matter?

The premise set up by Ed Brisson is a good one in that it allows readers to see Danny fight to be respected all over again. He deserves the Iron Fist, but he has to prove it against seven houses each with their own fighter. It’s a setup that’s fun, but also allows Brisson to tap into the deeper political structure that revolves around the Iron Fist.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Not going well…

This issue opens with Danny’s first fight and it’s not going well. This pumps up the action to start, but Brisson then brings us into the political element of the series. We witness the moment Danny meets the heads of the 7 houses and learns a bit about the island. It’s a fascinating bit of intrigue that helps flesh out the world Danny inhibits. Intercutting the fight sequence keeps the action up and reduces the boredom that might set in. Later, we learn this group of house leaders may be more complicated than we first expect which leads to some new wrinkles as far as any infighting.

Much of the rest of the issue focuses on Danny’s next opponent, and Brisson does a good job fleshing out this impending opponent. Via flashback and Danny befriending a character we get some interesting character work that makes this next opponent more force of nature than man. It’s a neat way to flesh out the mystical side of the story too.

The art by Mike Perkins is gorgeous and the heavier ink work suits the darker tone of the story. The fighting is clean and easy to follow and you get the sense that Danny is a skilled fighter. The weathered faces of the house heads is well done too. You get a sense of their humanity in their expressions and detailed faces.

Bringing back the Chi!

It can’t be perfect can it?

However interesting the politics around the Iron Fist is, I still found it boring to get through portions of this story. The characters and their infighting, the rules and what not, are laid on too thickly. It’s an exposition heavy sort of issue and ends up being more work than fun. I like the development Brisson is doing, but it’s too heavy handed here.

Is It Good?

Danny Rand’s world feels more complex than ever in a dark and moody package that brings high intrigue. Just don’t expect an issue that’s highly entertaining due to it laying out all its pieces.

Iron Fist #2
Is It Good?
A good outing that fleshes out Iron Fist's world with some good action too. Unfortunately the exposition is laid on too thickly!
Opens with breakneck action!
The fleshing out of Danny Rand's world is fascinating.
Even split up with action the political element is too heavy with the exposition and gets boring
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