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Amazing Spider-Man #26 Review

Silver Sable is back (*yawn*) and she’s hunting down Norman Osborn (*raised eyebrow*). Will she and Spider-Man be able to work together to take him down?

Amazing Spider-Man #26 (Marvel Comics)


  • Norman Obsorn is a walking advertisement for the benefits of Botox.
  • Not sure why Silver Sable thinks she’ll be able to kill Osborn. She’s had first hand experience with how temporary death in the Marvel Universe can be.
  • Oh the sweet, sweet irony of Norman Osborn yelling “You’re supposed to be dead!” at someone.
  • Wow. Not a good look, Bobbi.
  • Worst. Weapons Test. Ever.
  • Uh, yes it does matter how a person came back from the dead, Ms. Sable.
  • Oof. The idiot ball is really getting passed around here, isn’t it?

The Verdict

Amazing Spider-Man #26 sets up a multitude of high stakes converging conflicts. Unfortunately, it does so by wading through some shallow narrative streams.

First, you have Silver Sable, who we still have absolutely no idea how she returned from the dead—although the reason she’s going so hard after Osborn is definitely a good one.

Speaking of that guy, he’s pretty much running his own country now. As if that weren’t enough to make people nervous, he’s also turning it into a militarized state.

If you think S.H.I.E.L.D would be all over this, then you’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, they (and Spider-Man’s formerly loyal partner/friend Mockingbird) appear much more interested in stopping Spider-Man and Sable from taking Osborn down…because as we all know, having Norman Osborn in charge of things NEVER leads to a catastrophically bad global crisis.

I suppose it’s possible they don’t know it’s Osborn pulling the strings—S.H.I.E.L.D. tends to be completely inept when the plot requires it. But even if that were the case, the country he’s ransacking is in horrible shape and clearly gearing up for some type of war. Maybe that might be worth investigating and/or asking Spider-Man about rather than declaring their own war on him.

Meanwhile, we get a couple of random shots of Doctor Octopus twirling his metaphorical mustache and talking about how awesome he is—I guess to remind us that he’s still alive or something.

In the issue’s defense, the artwork by Stuart Immonen is fantastic. There are a lot of great action sequences that almost make you forget about how poorly constructed the plot is. But in the end, Amazing Spider-Man #26 is a far cry from how good the title has been of late. Let’s hope this is just a minor bump in the road and not the start of a trend (and that someone eventually explains why Silver Sable is back.

Amazing Spider-Man #26 Review
Lots of great action, but a weak and nonsensical narrative undermine what should have been a thrilling issue
The artwork by Stuart Immonen is fantastic.
There are a lot of great action sequences that almost make you forget about how poorly constructed the plot is.
Sets up a multitude of high stakes, converging conflicts by wading through some shallow narrative streams.
As usual, S.H.I.E.L.D. is conveniently inept when the plot requires it.
Sure would be nice if someone would explain why Silver Sable is back from the dead.
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