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Venom #6 Review

EDDIE BROCK IS BACK! *makes squealing noises*

Venom #6
Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Gerardo Sandoval
Publisher: Marvel Comics


  • Shouldn’t Spidey’s current suit have some better tech to deal with this?
  • When are people going to learn that bullets don’t work on symbiotes?
  • HA! Get wrecked, Lee.
  • Yup, this is definitely going to end up coming back to bite Parker in the ass. Hard.
  • Yay?
  • Nothing can truly prepare you for an image of Venom flying a helicopter.

  • It’s weird, right?

The Verdict

On one hand, I really like the justification Mike Costa creates for the suit hating Spider-Man again just like it did back in the old days. I also love, LOVE the artwork by Gerardo Sandoval, particularly the crazy two-page spreads we got of the fight to rein the symbiote in.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the issue is filled with painfully predictable story beats along with some odd sequencing choices. Things happen from panel-to-panel that don’t seem to be taking place at the same speed as the action before and after it.

Also, I really am not a fan of how Spider-Man deals with Lee/Venom. Not only did the symbiote randomly do something it could have/should have done a long time ago, but it seemed like complete overkill just to set up the next chapter in Venom’s story…which could be really good, especially for nostalgic 90’s kids like me. Until then, however, we’re stuck with a mediocre and predictable set up. Hopefully things get better now that Lee is (mostly) out of the picture.

Venom #6 Review
What looks like it could be the start of a great story next month is proceeded by a decidedly mediocre set up.
Gerardo Sandoval's art is insanely good, especially on the two-page spreads.
We have a great reason for the symbiote to regain it's old school hatred of Spider-Man...
...which is unfortunately set up by a painfully predictable story.
The story also hinges on the symbiote doing something that it should have/could have done a long time ago.

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