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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 6 “Don’t Anger the Destroyer! A Heart-Pounding Birthday Party” Review

Beerus heads to Earth, and with a warning from King Kai to not anger him, Vegeta is put in a tough spot. How will Vegeta handle it, try and take him out or grovel and try to appease the Destroyer God?

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 6/14

Goku and King Kai: With some sensu beans, Goku is restored to full health but he is prevented from going to Earth by King Kai. Goku eventually relents and begins pondering again how to beat Beerus. And that’s the last we see of Goku this episode.

Bulma’s Birthday Party: Everyone is enjoying their time at the party as Beerus arrives unnoticed. Vegeta is racking his brain trying to figure out where he has heard of Beerus before. While Vegeta is pondering, Beerus sneaks up behind him.

As Vegeta goes on the offensive (for some reason not realizing who this was), Beerus renders him immobile, sprawling him across the floor. It is then that Vegeta remembers Beerus, from when Beerus had Vegeta’s father, King Vegeta, groveling on hands and knees–all because King Vegeta took the most comfortable pillow in the universe, while giving Beerus the second best.

Beerus goes on to question Vegeta about the Super Saiyan God as Bulma walks up. Bulma invites Whis and Beerus to join the party. As they join the party, Vegeta is left sulking in the bushes watching the festivities. As before, we are reintroduced to Beerus’ and Whis’ love of food. And because of this they become enamored with the food selection of the party, as well as Earth in general. One of the food options offered to them is an octopus dish roulette, where one of the balls has wasabi instead of octopus in it. Luckily Beerus chose wisely (Krillan ended up with the wasabi).

We see a brief glimpse of Pilaf and gang still hanging about hoping that the dragon balls are really on the ship, while Trunks and Goten play a game of water-tag. Vegeta runs around serving Beerus and Whis as Beerus questions him about his relationship with Goku.

Vegeta claims that Goku is his enemy, yet they have sustained a truce. At this point Beerus is drenched in water from the boy’s game, panicking Vegeta.

The water puts Beerus into a rage, however Vegeta has a stroke of genius. Entering the sea, he pulls out a giant octopus. After blasting it, he begins to prepare the octopus roulette meal from earlier. This display distracts Beerus from his anger and Beerus and Whis go back to pondering about food. While waiting for the octopus, Whis starts to discuss pudding. They head over to get some but find out that Buu has all of the remaining servings. Buu refuses to hand any over and ends up licking all of the pudding containers.

Again Beerus is into a rage and this time he takes Buu with him, both blasting Satan back as he tries to interfere. Buu starts attacking Beerus but is quickly proven that he is not the stronger of the two. As Beerus attacks Buu, he again utters a monologue (that was uttered during the King Vegeta flashback) that the only thing Beerus really hates is when people don’t show him the respect he feels he is due.

The episode ends as Buu is blasted into the ocean.

Battle of Gods Movie Link

Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~30 minutes 30 seconds to ~56 minutes 40 seconds

The beginning of the episode is similar to the movie, however things go very different very quickly. First off we have a bit more of a background between King Vegeta and Beerus (who had given Beerus a banquet), Beerus doesn’t end up prostrating Vegeta here, and Bulma is a bit drunk. Beerus also participates in the festivities by dancing.

At this point we have a very different situation going on in the movie. Pilaf and gang make their entrance into the movie, sneaking around Bulma’s mansion looking for the dragon balls. One interesting point is the movie mentions the reason why Pilaf and gang are kids again, even though they have been around since the original Dragon Ball series. It appears they made a wish to be young again. Interesting that they never mentioned this in the series itself.

While searching around, Pilaf and gang stumble upon the Bingo prizes (which were shown in the TV series when Goten and Trunks were searching around). As they find the dragon balls they are discovered by Trunks and Goten. They mistake Goten for Goku and run away, stealing one of the dragon balls in the process for a ransom. Upon seeing Bulma, Pilaf reminisces some more and more scenes from the original Dragon Ball series are shown.

The party realizes that one of the dragon balls is missing and Pilaf and gang try to sneak away. Upon realizing this, Mai takes Trunks hostage with a gun. The Great Saiyaman (Gohan in disguise) also shows up, thinking this is all a game. Mai shoots at Gohan (at his request), which ends up injuring Videl from the ricocheted bullets. Dende heals her, at which time he discovers a secret Videl is holding (a secret that is revealed much later in the series). Beerus is also hit by a bullet and to distract Beerus, Vegeta starts singing and dancing about the Bingo tournament. The Bingo game begins (which never actually occurs in the TV series), while Beerus and Whis continue their eating.

At which point we come back to the TV episode with Buu eating the pudding, the licking, and the subsequent fighting.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

After a brief fighting episode we are brought back to the filler episodes until the climactic battle at the end of the arc. I think this is a problem with trying to adapt a movie into a series of episodes. They want to draw out the conflict but they can’t really add in much content, wanting to remain true to the movie. Overall, there is nothing overly wrong with the episode, just nothing happens in it. We are given the brief glimpse of a fight at the end, which is sure to carry over to the next episode but not much else.

My biggest area of interest is how much material was changed from the movie. Where last week’s episode we had almost a straight reproduction of the movie (if not elongated a little), this week we have almost an entire episode worth of material that had been changed. I am assuming this is because Pilaf and gang’s roles had been changed in the series to not be as hostile as they are in the movie (at least at this point); in the series they are bumbling buffoons.

Overall, a middling episode. Neither good, nor bad, just in the middle, plodding along.

So … did you like Episode 6 of Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts below!

Don’t Anger the Destroyer! A Heart-Pounding Birthday Party

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