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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19 Review

Prism monsters are coming for the Corps, a time traveller enters the fray, and Hal Jordan wants to punch somebody in the face. So what else is new? Part two of the “Prism of Time” story is out today.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: V. Ken Marion
Publisher: DC Comics

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“THE PRISM OF TIME” part two! A mysterious time traveler arrives wearing a Green Lantern ring given to him by one of the Corps in the future? Locked within this ring are secrets that will either save the Green Lanterns or eradicate them.

Why does this book matter?

Robert Venditti has been writing Green Lantern for so long now you know you’re getting a well planned and thought out story. This is a long game-type action series of epic proportions. The artists involved have been more than capable to take on the blockbuster style series and V. Ken Marion is no different.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is one of those issues where you mutter to yourself, “the plot thickens.” Venditti progresses multiple plots nicely, but the big payoff is yet to come. One of the more interesting scenes involves the time traveller who reveals a future he’s attempting to stop from happening. The shocking bit about his reveal is the characters are quite clearly going down that road. It also ties well into how the Yellow and Green Lanterns are working together. It seems like a great idea, but the time traveller reveals it’s not good at all. We also get more info on the villain who is all smirk and dastardly. Kyle Rayner fans should enjoy a romantic subplot that will most likely bring a lot more drama into this series.

Hal needs to chill out.

A character trait of Hal, namely being an act first and think later sort of guy, comes into play more than once in this issue. It’s nice to see more time spent on Hal given how much John Stewart and Guy have been getting lately. It’s also nice to be reminded how Hal’s emotions seem to get the better of him more often than not. There’s a reason he became Parallax after all.

Marion’s art gets to go bonkers with the constructs as an all-out war moment ends the issue. The prism monsters look quite cool too and another artist might have made them all jagged with no personality, but Marion gives each a bit of charm so as to make them almost dog like when the villain pets them. The time traveller’s foreboding tale of the future is rendered very well with too many Lanterns to count all on one full page spread. What is the deal with Venditti making artists draw so many Green Lanterns on a single page?! They must hate him. Either way, Marion succeeds at capturing the Green Lantern’s Light.

Not looking good for these guys.

It can’t be perfect can it?

So far, the villain is somewhat flat and boring. The look doesn’t help, with a plain spandex costume that’s not very interesting. Truth be told, Venditti hasn’t fleshed him out much as of yet, probably holding his cards close to his vest, but besides his ability to control the prism monsters there isn’t much to be scared of. Aside from the time traveller’s story the stakes don’t seem that high yet, especially for this series.

Is It Good?

The future of the Green Lanterns hangs in the balance, Kyle Rayner might be falling in love, and a man from the future adds a new layer to the mythos of the Corps. Sounds like a win to me. This blockbuster series continues to bring the epic fun.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19
Is It Good?
Another interesting and action-packed installment of this epic series.
Subplots and main plot progress nicely
A surprise romance sprouts
The future is at stake and it looks damn good
The villain, at least at this juncture, is pretty flat

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