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Faith #11 Review

Faith’s trapped when the Faithless gang of villains takes things to a new level. Is it good?

Faith #11
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Joe Eisma
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Faith’s exhausted. The Faithless gang, led by Chris Criswell, released a bunch of former Vine members from jail and Faith’s been helping to round them up. So when she gets a night off, she takes advantage to get some sleep. Unfortunately, this means she doesn’t know that Sidney Pierce can mimic her appearance, and does the most un-Faith-like thing ever, in front of tons of people. Can Faith fix the damage to her reputation?

Is It Good?

You know you’re a reading a good comic when they tread familiar story territory but it’s still compelling. So when you turn the page and see Faith striding down the street with an evil smile on her face, you know there is shapeshifting/identity stealing going on. But the way the team is handling the event makes it very enjoyable to read.

They’ve also stepped up the seriousness in the tone of the book. This may be the first death we’ve seen on page in the comic, and it was definitely a shock, especially since this arc has been really funny and light so far. And my one nitpick in this issue is how quickly the crowd turned on Faith. We see speech bubbles of the crowd fleeing the scene of the murder, and one of them said "a matter of time". We haven’t seen much about how people think of Faith beyond some vague positive feelings, so this feels like an abrupt shift. Beyond the obvious, seeing someone killed in front of your eyes changes your feelings about the killer, but it’s the "it’s about time" aspect that feels odd.

When loveseats turn deadly…

Other than that, the writing continues to be solid and the art is wonderful. I especially got a kick out of the opening panels–especially how Joe Eisma illustrates Faith’s powers.

I always appreciate the color in this book – it’s as light and airy as Faith’s usual outlook. I’m interested to see how that shifts with the darker turn the book is taking.


Faith #11
Is it good?
The writing continues to be solid and the art is wonderful.
Story arc continues to be excellent, with a darker turn
Excellent art and colors, especially Joe Eisma's style
A little weird that the crowd seemed to anticipate Faith going evil

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