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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 11 “Let’s Keep Going Lord Beerus! The Battle of Gods!” Review

The battle has begun and the gods have worked out their training kinks, so it’s time to go full out (at least I hope so)!

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 11/14

Gohan and Goten reveal that they are so drained from the Super Saiyan God transformation that they aren’t even able to fly. I guess this gives a good reason for them to be flying around in the ship with Bulma. Not really sure why they felt the need to add this, but whatever.

Meanwhile, Beerus continues to push Goku by increasing the level of his attacks. He attacks Goku with giant energy balls, which Goku manages to smoosh down like one of those damn bead pillows.

While the Z Gang and the Kais look on, the battle continues as most of them realize Beerus is just training Goku. But to what ends? Training in their sense is not what I would call training, but then again, I’m not a God. Beerus drives Goku into the ground to further try and push him to his limits.

All this happens as Vegeta watches on from the boat in calm dignity (I have to mention him somewhere because he’s pretty much useless by this point).

Goku managed to escape the worst of the attack into the ground but not completely unscathed.

Beerus then berates Goku for boring him, and proceeds to hit Goku into space. To further push Goku to his limits Beerus creates a planet destroying energy ball.

Upping the ante, since Goku easily destroyed the first energy ball, Beerus attacks with a swarm of energy balls. These are easily destroyed as well with a Kamehameha blast.

However, while Goku was distracted, Beerus penetrates his side with a hand jab, sending Goku falling back to Earth severely injured.

While lamenting how strong Beerus was (while sinking to the bottom of the ocean), Goku realizes that Beerus’ level of power was making him excited too; pushing him to his limits. As his excitement increases, his wound spontaneously heals and he was back in the fight. I’m not terribly surprised about this since he was supposed to be a god, and gods can’t really be injured (or at least I would assume as such. I have no idea).

So the episode ends with Battle Round 2 wrapping up and Round 3 ready to begin with power levels continuing to increase on all sides.

Battle of Gods Movie Link

Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~1 hour 20 minutes to ~1 hour 25 minutes

Like I said before, coordinating a multi-episode battle sequence to the movie is damned near impossible, especially since that is where the TV creators have taken the most liberties with adapting the movie, but I’m trying.

One interesting point brought up in the movie that hasn’t been mentioned (at least up to now) is that Goku feels bad that he needed his friends’ help to attain the level of God. He would prefer to reach such levels on his own, a sentiment often expounded by Vegeta (hence the reason they only fused the one time). They have a rather lengthy discussion on the Saiyan pride as well. We will have to see if this comes up later in the series but I don’t remember it from previous viewings.

Vegeta also makes the comment (possibly even out of character) that he is glad that it isn’t him fighting Beerus. A sentiment I can’t even imagine Vegeta making.

When you compare the fight scenes between the movie and the TV series, I feel that the movie is far more visually appealing with a ton more destruction as they fly through the planet and cities. Beerus and Goku also never stop talking throughout the entire battle in the movie. The TV series isolates itself from all populated areas, even going so far as to take a large portion of the battle into space.

I’m still waiting for that major milestone to come up in the TV series fight that occurs pretty quickly after the fight gets underway in the movie. We’ll see if that comes up in the next episode.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

As the fight gets ramped up I am disappointed by the change from the movie to the TV series. I feel the movie conversation which takes place as they are fighting had some serious weight to it, especially how Vegeta and Goku each put away their pride in order to save the Earth and their families. Vegeta danced to distract Beerus, while Goku allowed the others to essentially give them their energy so he could transform. Both moves that would be assumed to be out of characters.

Compared to the TV series though, the entire conversation is about how Goku isn’t strong enough and he needs to get stronger to satisfy Beerus. A definite missed opportunity and one that draws my rating of the episode down. Was it cool to watch? Sure. But it could have had so much more meaning to the fight instead of Beerus just training Goku. In the movie he managed to both train and raise a bigger issue.

Did you like Episode 11 of Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts below!

Let’s Keep Going Lord Beerus! The Battle of Gods!

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