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Ghostbusters: Funko Universe Review

Do you like Funko Pops? I sure do, and if you answered ‘no’ to that question, well, I have a hard time believing you don’t like Pops, especially since you’re reading a comic book review right now…Regardless of how you really feel about Funko Pops, you want to know what I thought about the comic book that is mentioned in the title of this article, right?

Ghostbusters: Funko Universe
Writer: Troy Dye
Artist: Philip Murphy
Publisher: IDW Publishing

What’s Ghostbusters: Funko Universe about? From the publisher:

An ancient Japanese prophecy foretold that when the Masters of the Four Winds unite, they would become unstoppable. Instead, the four masters killed each other in battle, proving the prophecy false. More than 600-years later, an ancient shuriken is unearthed, releasing the spirit of one of the masters to seek out and resurrect the other three in order to fulfill the prophecy. Now, the only thing that stands between the undead ninja and the destruction of the land of the living is… the Ghostbusters!

When I had elected to review this title, I figured that the comic’s plot wouldn’t be nearly as epic as it is. In short, I was pleasantly surprised with this one-shot. So pleasantly surprised that I am saddened that I can’t review Ghostbusters: Funko Universe #2 next month…but, I’ll get over it.

Writer Troy Dye does an excellent job here weaving together a script that is both light and fun enough to bear the name Funko on the cover, while also being serious enough to be enjoyed by readers of modern, action-packed, drama-filled comic books. The book kept me smiling throughout my read, and Dye’s genuinely funny writing was responsible for that.

Philip Murphy’s highly-stylized, cartoonish artwork fits perfectly with Dye’s script, and at times, I felt as though I was reading about a world that is comprised entirely of Funko Pop figures.

There’s something in this book for everyone, and I especially recommend it to both Funko Pop and Ghostbusters fans.

Ghostbusters: Funko Universe
Is it good?
Ghostbusters: Funko Universe is a one-shot comic that Funko Pop fans, as well as Ghostbusters fans will surely enjoy. Despite being a fun comic, the story between these pages is pretty epic.
Funko Pop Fun!
Non Funko Fans may not get it...
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