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Unboxing/Review: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Venom No.003

The Revoltech Spider-Man was a blast to review in part because it had so many unique features. Interchangeable eyes, incredible bendability, and great web accessories. It made their Venom a must-buy in our eyes which is why we had to review it. In a lot of ways they blew us away, but there was definitely some cons too! Check out our video unboxing/review below to get the details:

Venom No.003 Action Figure
Publisher: Amecomi Yamguchi

Final Thoughts:

While there are a few negatives to this toy, the bottom line is it’s incredibly unique when compared to other Venom action figures. Not only is the paint job a lot different, but the Symbiote tentacles and incredibly moveable tongue make this a must-buy for many. It may be a bit top heavy with a one-direction knee hinge–and there was a paint issue on this figure–but overall this is a very nice toy indeed. Just look at him in comparison to the other Venom’s that have been released below:

You can really see how blue he is compared to the other Venom figures here. Also note how long you can make his Symbiote arm!

If you like what you see you can purchase it today!

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Venom No.003
It may not be as posable as Spider-Man in the knees, but this is an incredibly unique figure when compared to other Venom collectibles. The paint job is amazing, and the fact that you can create a Symbiote arm makes this a must-have for Spidey and Venom fans alike.
Incredible color to this figure with a shiny gloss that's quite nice.
The head is perfect with interchangeable eyes, great detail in the teeth and a great tongue
The Symbiote tendrils can be placed in the back or made into an arm!
Quite bendable
The knee only bends one way
The eye-cap falls off very easily
One paint glitch in the jaw of this toy
Upper torso is so heavy it's a bit wobbly
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