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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 12 “The Universe Will Shatter? Clash! Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God!” Review

The previous episode of Dragon Ball Super left off with a renewed Goku, after being beaten down and stabbed through the chest by Beerus; seems that the awesome potential in Beerus’ power was also pushing Goku’s newfound power to new levels as well. But where has this increase in strength left us? Can Goku stand against the Destroyer God?

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 12/14

The Z Gang travel ever higher in their breaking down spacecraft, forcing the battle to be moved higher into space. Meanwhile Whis offers Vegeta a view of the battle from his staff, an offer Vegeta appears to ignore as he stands looking straight up at the battle above. Poor, poor Vegeta — all but forgotten on the ship below.

Back to the battle. As both gods charge up their energy they proceed to speed towards each other and strike fists.

The attack produces a shockwave that increases in strength as it expands outward from the battle. If the battle is to continue this way, the entire universe will be destroyed (according to the elder Supreme Kai). The elder Kai predicts that two more attacks like that will destroy everything. We are also left with the feeling that no matter if they are gods or humans, all old men are extremely “dirty old men”. I could do with much less of this.

Despite being warned by Kubito Kai, the gods continue their universe destroying battle with another head on fist-to-fist collision. One out of the two attacks down. Only one more to go before total annihilation.

The resulting shock waves from impact number two sends ripples throughout the universe, including obviously, planet Earth. A news organization tries to get to the bottom of the shockwaves by calling Mr. Satan, who uses the party as an excuse for tracking down weapons smugglers. These men are somehow linked to the shockwaves; we don’t ask why. In actuality, we don’t even care.

Mr. Satan then proceeds to call up to Gohan to try and figure out what is going on, as Bulma’s ship comes crashing down to Earth. The ship, and everyone around it, are saved by Whis.

Back to the battle. Beerus finally admits that Goku is indeed the one that was prophesized as the ultimate combatant. As the gods get charged up further, their ki forms into dragons (for some reason).

The dragon ki then feed back into the combatants and we are reacquainted with the same attack for the third time this episode, fist to fist. However, this time is different. Instead of a universe shaking shockwave being released, Goku finally manages to nullify the God of Destruction’s power.

Following Goku’s newfound ability to nullify Beerus’ attacks, the battle goes back to the traditional series of punches and kicks, instead of this dueling competition they had delved into for the majority of the episode.

Seemingly insulted by Goku’s flippant attitude towards the divine power, Beerus attacks with a super large planet buster ball (it was the attack used in the previous episode that looks like an atom). Using a kamehameha wave in response, the impact again shakes the foundations of the universe. The wave destroys distant planets and brings the Kais to their knees.

During the conflict Goku feels like he’s at the end of his power. When all seems lost (yet again), Goku finds renewed strength and the ability to combat the death atom. As the episode ends, we are left with Goku seemingly destroying the death atom, leaving the universe awash in white light.

Battle of Gods Movie Link

Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~1 hour 25 minutes to ~1 hour 25 minutes

There is zero to correlate between the TV series and the movie here. The prolonged punching fest and the universe destroying waves of energy are (at least to this point), made up entirely for the TV series.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

Did anything really happen here? Most of the episode (at least 75% of it) was taken up with Three. Identical. Attacks. Even the movie doesn’t have any of this stuff in it. I could have been good with this episode broken down to half its length, or even less; it felt like a waste of time that only resulted in Goku learning a new ability, he’s now able to cancel out Beerus’ attacks. A useful attack indeed, but not one that needed a whole episode to explore.

And on top of that, can we just have the old men in this series not be “dirty old men”? I don’t care and I don’t want to see the animated dirty magazines. Drop it. I know it’s been with the show since the first episodes of Dragon Ball but I wasn’t fond of it then and I am definitely done with it now. Luckily, this facet is featured much less in Super than I feel it was in the previous series’, but any is too much. I feel it is demeaning to women to have the only female presence in many of these episodes be that of a sexual object. It’s time to move on.

So, did you like Episode 12 of Dragon Ball Super better than I did? Share your thoughts below!

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 12 “The Universe Will Shatter? Clash! Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God!” Review

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