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Dragon Ball Super: Episode 13 “Goku, Surpass Super Saiyan God!” Review

At the end of the last episode, Goku was hopefully saving the universe from complete annihilation (or causing it for that matter). Will he save us all? Or will the universe be destroyed? Only two episodes left in this arc to figure it out. Come on guys, wrap it up!

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 13/14

As the white light fades away, the Kais are surprised to learn that they still exist. However, the impending universe-destroying ball of doom that was created from their fight still hangs in the balance. If the super dense ball of energy created during the fight explodes…well…everything will be obliterated (wasn’t that the plot of the entire last episode? Well it continues.)

We check back in with the Z gang, who look on as ripples of distortion pass through.

Whis, again one of my favorites, gives Mr. Satan a rather childlike description of the fight in order to “dumb it down” for him. His description gave me a good laugh (essentially a bunch of really strong guys are fighting/causing lots of damage). In order to try and bribe Whis to end the fight, Mr. Satan offers the one thing that could actually tempt him, an all you can eat voucher to anywhere in the world.

But alas, it doesn’t work.

Back to the fight. After some more grunting and sweating, eventually the ball of doom explodes.

Again, this washes the universe in white light. And again, after the white light disappears, everything is as it was before.

While Mr. Satan takes credit for the energy ball dispersal, we find out the true reason. It turns out that Beerus had powered up to 100% to neutralize all of the energy that had built up between Goku and himself. Upon this realization, Goku is distraught to learn that Beerus hadn’t gone full power yet because he didn’t want the humiliation of having to go 100% just to defeat some Saiyan God.

But now, Beerus has been pushed to his limits. It’s all on.

Goku seems to be out of power and tricks, but we will see. With a touch of the gloves they resume their fight. Beerus admonishes Goku over dropping his guard, a topic that comes up frequently in the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole and will surely come back in Super.

Despite Beerus not holding back and Goku apparently at full strength, Goku’s strength continues to increase. The battle rages in what appears a stalemate between equals. Beerus attempts to blast Goku at point blank range, only to be grabbed by Goku and head-butted repeatedly.

Although in this freeze frame shot, it looks like they are snuggling.

Despite the increase in power, there are no more damaging shockwaves. The Kais explain to us that the shockwaves produced before where basically for show, whereas now, they are just trying to finish the fight.

And at last, we come to the time that I have been waiting for. The time where Goku loses his divine power, reverting back to a regular Super Saiyan. Despite everyone else realizing that he is no longer a god, Goku had not realized it. Apparently, even though the divinity has left him, Goku had absorbed the power of the god within him and is still just as strong even without being a god.

So the battle continues. Not among gods anymore, but between a mortal and a god.

Battle of Gods Movie Link

Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~1 hour 25 minutes to ~1 hour 30 minutes

We have finally come upon the moment in the movie that I had been waiting for. The point where Goku loses his divinity and reverts back to a regular Saiyan. However, in the movie he isn’t a Super Saiyan when he reverts back–he goes all the way down to regular Saiyan. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan in the fight and brings their fight out of the caves, where they had been fighting, up to the surface, and eventually up into space.

One major difference in fighting style between the TV series and the movie is that Goku relies heavily on his “instant transmission” trick (the ability to instantly move from place to place) a LOT whereas in the TV series he didn’t use it at all during the fight.

The movie and the TV series also seemed to shuffle a bunch of things around. In the movie Beerus throws a super Earth destruction ball at Goku after he lost his divinity, whereas in the TV series it was before. It is also during this ball fight that Beerus lets Goku know that the divinity has left him with pretty much the same conversation.

The last two episodes of the Battle of Gods TV arc seem to be almost a mixture of everything going on in the TV series. I think I’ll just place the time link about in the middle of the action fight scenes. I must say though that the fight scenes in the movie are way better done than the TV series. The animation and choreography are more refined and way more engaging. It makes me wish they would slow down their lightning pace on the series (about one episode a week for almost 90 weeks now) and really give us some higher quality stuff.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

In this episode we have slowly been coming out of the pit of the previous episode, where the series creators felt we needed an entire episode focused on three punches. It continues through the first half of this episode though, where all we got was Goku and Beerus facing off holding a ball in place in the sky, like a giant game of tug-of-war, where nothing happens. The second half of the episode definitely picked up and I am ready for this arc to be over. Finish the fight and let’s move on.

The fight itself is interesting here and there. I loved the head-butt move, which I don’t recall seeing anything like that before in any of Dragon Ball but there is only so long that you can draw out a fight without it become monotonous. And we are well beyond that at the moment. One episode left though, then onto the adaptation of the Resurrection F movie.

Did you like Episode 13 of Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts below!

Episode 13 “Goku, Surpass Super Saiyan God!”

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