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The X-Files: Funko Universe Review

After reading through the Ghostbusters: Funko Universe one-shot, deciding to read and review the X-Files: Funko Universe issue was a no-brainer. Going into my reading of this issue, I expected a story that was both light and entertaining, and thankfully, my expectations were on-point. But that’s enough of that, you want to know what I thought about X-Files: Funko Universe, right?

The X-Files: Funko Universe
Writer: Derek Fridolfs, Mike Raicht, Matthew Dow Smith, Denton Tipton
Artist: Chris Fenoglio, Troy Little, Pamela Lovas, Charles Wilson III
Publisher: IDW Publishing

So, what’s The X-Files: Funko Universe about? From the publisher:

A bevy of talented creators seek the truth—and some laughs—with this Funko version of your favorite FBI agents! After this, you’ll believe that Scully and Mulder couldn’t be any cuter!

Seeing the Funko versions of Mulder and Scully is not only, dare I say, cute, but it’s also quite effective in that their toy-like appearance adds levity to the short tales in this issue. Sure, the writing is funny—the scripts are quite good—but it’s the book’s appearance that really drives home the point. Oddly enough, this book (like the Ghostbusters: Funko Universe one-shot) works very well and manages to be a worthwhile read even for the readers who aren’t Funko fans.

The X-Files: Funko Universe one-shot is unique in that it is comprised of several short stories—several episodes—which are all written and illustrated by different writers and artists. Each episode charms in its own way while managing to fit in with the others. All of the stories are fun and energy-filled, and there is even one story, “You Are What You Eat” (Writer Mike Raicht, Artist Charles Paul Wilson III, and Colorist Ryan Hill) that is dialogue free. While all four of the stories found in this issue are memorable, “You Are What You Eat,” and “Escape From Space Mountain” (Writer Matthew Dow Smith, Artist Chris Fenoglio, and Letterer Neil Uyetake), are my favorites.

X-Files fans will definitely get a kick out of this one. Buy it.

The X-Files: Funko Universe
Is it good?
The X-Files: Funko Universe one-shot is light and entertaining, and filled with laughably adorable stories that fans of the series will certainly appreciate.
This one-shot is comprised of several entertaining stories
Multiple artists and writers offer unique approaches to the same subject

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